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In light of Siani's setting change that is to soon take place, I have created the House of Silk as a freeform roleplaying enviornment. It will not become a room so to speak, but as a locale of the souq, It gives the characters conversation material maybe ? or perhaps roleplay in Carpe DM. If Character Players are interested in possibly creating employee's of the House of Silk, or perhaps employee's of her opposition, please inform me and we will go over it together. I am also interested in using the House of Silk for various player storylines and soon I hope to add a message board for forum based roleplay.

The House of Silk is an establishment owned by Sabbah Al-Sidan, a local bard and storyteller turned merchant. The house is a locale in the souq, a demiplane created by lady Siani. It is a lounge for the folk of the souq to unwind and enjoy an occasional narghile, performance or story. The house serves several functions, firstly a place of entertainment for the local folk of the souq. It is also the place where Sabbah grows rare spices, tobacco and fruits of rare nature, which she exports to earn extra income outside of the house's day to day functions. The prestige and wealthy of the souq are personally invited her to talk business, interact with one another, and enjoy it's spa. It offers entertainment for the older crowd and is involved with exporting it's goods to the local business people and those abroad. Located on the pearl river, it commenses trade by way of water route, lead by the hired soldier Fajera and Sabbah's close friend, Dres Koutruf. It employs the guard of a family of sea elves, living inside the pearl river, hiring them to aid in guarding the shipping boats used to export the goods grown on it's rooftops. The house is protected by the magics of genies who have come to befriend Sabbah, setting up wards to protect the gardens on her rooftops and her rooms. Sabbah also makes her home here, making it a multi-functional establishment. The establishment was created when Sabbah located a portal allowing her to return to her homeland. After gathering crops for her travel to the souq, Sabbah was offered a proposition by a wealthy merchant. In return for trading her rare crops unseen in the souq she would be given the merchant's former home after he had relocated to a bigger estate. Sabbah saw the possibility for fortune in her exports of these newly found coveted crops and turned the house into an establishment for entertainment. She used the rooftops as places to create gardens, growing her crops in bulk and exporting them to other merchants and customers. After a few business moves Sabbah began to become noticed by the genies of the souq who for unknown reasons, gave her gifts and helped to make her establishment more lush and attractive. Soon after, the House of Silk became a very popular establishment for the people of the Souq.

1st Room:
The first room is is known as the Room of Stories. Ornate carpet of red coloration and designer weaving covers the floor. Designs displaying men circled around a storytelling woman cover the span of the carpet's theme. Torches linger at the corners of the room where the ceiling meets the walls, creating a dim enviornment. The stones on the walls have been scribed with tiny arabian style writing all over which glows a bright crimson. In the center of the room, a large portion the floor has been removed in the shape of a circle, and dug 4 feet into the ground. The pool has been filled with lava and magma and bubbles slightly. Hovering over the pool is a square shaped magical carpet, acting as a place for hired storytellers to sit and speak. Ornate pillows of red, larger than a man, are scattered all over the floor, acting as spots for patrons to sit or lay. Each pillow finds itself in a pattern, surrounding the lava pond and hovering carpet. To the left side at the back wall of the room is an arched opening with a thin wall of red smoke the flows upward infront of it, veiling the second room's image. In the center of the right wall there is a hidden tunnel, covered by simple illusionary magic, anyone can pass through it if they know it exsists. The tunnel leads to a basic chamber with a stone stairway that spirals up into the second floor of the building. A typical scene here would consist of townsfolk sitting on the large cushions, listening to the stories of hired speakers or Sabbah herself.

2nd room:
In the sound room is called the mirage and is the largest room on the first level. The floor as if there were none at all, as if the patron was actually standing upon the cosmos. It's design is alive it would seem, a living image of the astral sea, complete with shooting stars, appropriate realms and planets all in succession with eachother. In the center of the room is a group of 4 statues, carved from red gemstone to resemble muscular men holding up a flat disc. This sculpture acts as a stage, in which Sabbah performs her music or dances for the crowd. The walls are made of thick red smoke, flowing into the ceiling. The texture is soft and transparent as well, but oddly one may not venture into them, lest they find themselves flat footed in the elemental chaos. The ceiling is an exact replica of the floor below, a perfect visual of the astrology of the astral sea. Ornate tables of red metallic texture are strategicly placed throughout the room. At the back of the room is a bar made of glass. The hollow area of the bar contains a sandy floor, adorned by small infernal scorpions and cobras slithering and moving throughout the bar the glass frame. Behind the bar where the bottles should be are asorted narghiles and small bowls of tobacco next to each of them. Instead of sitting on a shelf, they simply hover in perfect rows as if they sat upon invisible shelves. This room is lit by the glowing gem sculpture in the center, the floor and ceiling. It allows for a brighter enviornment. A typical scene here would consist of a beautiful Efreeti woman behind the bar, nobles and common folk alike enjoying a performance and partaking in conversation at the perspective tables, sharing the stems of narghiles as they partake in tobacco use.

1st room(upstairs.)
The room in which the spiral stair chamber leads into is called the room of mirriors. The floor is covered in a thick smokey glass but feels soft to the touch, much like a cushion. The walls are large mirriors, that scry on the other rooms. The ceiling is a swirling portal of chaotic lightning, fire and floating chunks of earth. In the center of the room is floating throne of ornate efreeti build and texture. It rotates full circle, allowing it's suitor to study all the mirriors that scry and watch the patrons. At the left corner of the wall, an opening has been left in an arch much like in the first room on the lower level. The arch is covered with silken draps of red and purple. A typical scene here would consist of Either Fajera or Dres Koutruf sitting in the throne, spying on the patrons of the house.

2nd Room (upstairs)
The second room is known by the prestige as the room of infinite pleasures. The floor is covered with pristine ivory traced with red designs in a marble like fashion. This room being as large as the 2nd room on ground level is bred for space. In each corner of the room, minature cedar tree's protrude from the hard marble floor as if rooted into the building. The walls are similar to the floors, but work in reverse as they are red stone with white marble design. To the left of the entry way there is a small window, allowing for a veiw of the outside, looking over the front rooftop of the building. The rooftop is covered with a thick and plush mass of Sabbah's famed spice plants of extremley rare origin, rooted in a thin line of dirt. To the left wall is a similar window, allowing for a veiw over the garden. The left wall has a red bar across it, adorning random cloth of exotic and ornate fashion for drying off. Imbedded into the floor in the center of the room is a large circular spa, filled with steaming water and covered with flower petals. The spa is exactly 5 feet deep and has an inner ledge for patrons to sit on. It is large enough to be considered a small pool, be able to comfortably accomidate 15 large men. The right wall has a window looking out to another square rooftop, this one is covered with a thick and plush mass of tobacco plants. On the right side of the room, a trio of tables have been set up. Each table is covered with simple metal platters, covered with exotic fruits and dishes. The ceiling is circular as well, and convex in nature, rounding outward. Inside the dome of the ceiling, a portrat depicting genies of all origin dining and courting eachother is painted. A typical scene here would consist of the wealthy caste of the souq who have been personally invited by Sabbah herself to relax, tended to by harems.

The front rooftop, of the building is covered in a plush plethera of spices. These plants are rooted in a thin line of soil spread across the base of the rooftops. These spices are all rare in origin and highly coveted amidst the realms. The thin trim of greenery can be seen from the front of the building, tiny pixies work here, tending to the garden of the front rooftop.

Rooftop(Right side):
The square rooftop, level with the front rooftop adorns a similar theme. Yet unlike the front rooftop, what grows from the thin layer of soil here are melon plants. A network of vines, connecting each melon and their roots, scatters over this rooftop. The thick and wide leaves of these plants are where the pixies hide and build their homes, harvesting for Sabbah in exchange for safe haven. This rooftop is fully square and much larger than the rooftop in the front of the building. The origin of this fruit is nearly impossible to place, as it is a rare fruit grown only in the souq by Sabbah herself, much like her spices and tobacco.

Rooftop (Second frontal, to the right front of the dome):
This large square rooftop is highest of the three flat rooftops of the building. What grows in the soil here are tobacco plants of rare nature. Highly coveted by the members of the souq and the patrons abroad, this brand of tobacco plant is exclusivley bred by Sabbah, much like her two other exports. The thick leaves cover the entire flat of the rooftop, providing an extension of the settlements built by the tiny pixies that tend to these gardens. A typical scene for these three rooftops would be for a massive amount of glowing pixies, shooting back and forth from rooftop to rooftop, like tiny stars darting about leaving trails of essence.

Outside/Enviornmental notes: Often times during the closing hours of the House of Silk small groups of juvenile delinquents ambush the patrons leaving, host small gambling sessions outside to earn extra coin, and/or attempt to pickpocket the wealthier patrons. Pixies often flutter down to inspect passerby's, offering kind words and jokes.

PC Employee's:
Sabbah Al-Sidan: Owner
Fajera: Hired sword in charge of security
Dres Koutruf: Merchant in charge of shipping/delivery

Badra: An efreeti Tender of the narghile bar

Luna: Leader of the pixie clan that tends to the gardens on the rooftops

Streetrats: A group of six badly bahved children who do nothing but cause trouble.

Ghazal: The usual storyteller employed by the house of silk.

Hessa: The head dancer at the house of silk.

Jafar: A local merchant, the most usual patron at the house of silk

Asindi: A wealthy and mysterious heiress who frequents the house for it's spa.

Aziz: A wry tiefling merchant who is constantly plotting against Sabbah, in hopes her downfall will make his restaraunt more popular.

Kareem: A jealous shopkeeper who has grown jealous of Sabbah's success.

Wazir: A mysterious patron who often brings his band of theives to the house to divi their "earnings"

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First Post
* Wanders through the area by riverside.... sniffing the air and peeking inside the establishment for a bit... * ahhhhh interesting.. hmmm strokes his goatee... We will keep this in mind.. * punts on by in small gondola... and out of sight *

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