The Hunted (DM: IronSky, Judge: ???)

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Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
"Um... what they said," Xander says.

[sblock=Xander's rolls]Diplomacy: 1d20+9-2=16, 1 point, -1 to next round's roll.[/sblock]


The tribesmen are awed by Earth, impressed by Illarion, and taken in by Mab and Raijin's claims. They point the way the 'bleak ones' came through, show them two dragonborn they ripped apart in passing, and give them rough directions to the 'bad place' in the center of the island.

They even feed the group, watching with curiosity telling broken hard-to-follow tales of the village's oral history. After much hard listening and interpretation, you get the idea that these villagers are the descendants of some noble order of knights set on this island hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago to protect some temple in the center of the island.

Apparently, in the temple are sacred relics that keep the 'bleak ones' bound away behind some planar barrier, but if the relics are destroyed or removed from the temple, the barrier weakens all across the world, allowing more bleak ones through.

The dragonborn tribe were set to keep any visitors to the island from reaching the temple, but they are willing to let you past since having 'outsiders' at the temple can't be worse than having the demons themselves loose in it.

The elder urges you onward, saying, "Bleak Ones find many traps guarding forbidden place, it slow them down, but not long. Hurry before wall between their place and our place broken!"

The group presses on and, following the direction the elder gives and, near dark, reaches the temple. Its obvious some of the traps have been set off - some long, long ago, but the place is still dangerous and who knows what the demons are doing inside...

[sblock=Skill Challenge]Objective: Make your way through the jungle island towards the center of the island and whatever is located there.

Rounds: 3

Challenge Level: 4

Round 2 Results:
Earth: Nature 28, 4 points, treasure found, +4 to next round's roll
Raijin: Bluff 29, 3 points, +2 to next round's roll, Jungle Itch(-2 to skill rolls)
Mab: Bluff 28, 3 points, +2 to next round's roll, Jungle Itch(-2 to skill rolls)
Xander: Diplomacy 16, 1 point, -1 to next round's roll, Jungle Itch(-2 to skill rolls)
Devinihm: Perception 13, 0 points, +0 to next round's roll, Black Rot(roll endurance 20 or lose a healing surge)
Illarion: Diplomacy 31, 3 points, +2 to next round's roll, Jungle Itch(-2 to skill rolls)

Note: Repeating the same skill multiple rounds in a row imposes a cumulative -3 penalty. NOTE: The listed roll bonus above includes personal, group, and disease bonuses/penalties.

Round Total: 14 Points: 2 Victory Points and Advantage: all pcs have a +1 bonus to skill checks during the skill challenge(total +2, factored in the numbers above).

Skill challenge total: 4 Victory Points


Round 2 Focus
Make it through the trapped approach and hallways to the temple.

Round Rules: Skill checks must be in some way related to the traps; disarming, avoiding, spotting, helping with, etc.

Individual Skill DCs:
14-: 0 points, -2 to next round's skill check, set off a deadly personal trap, take serious (3d10+4) damage
15-19: 1 point, -1 to next round's skill check, set off a minor personal trap, take light(1d10+8) damage
20-24: 2 points, +1 to next round's skill check, avoid any traps, no damage
25+: 3 points, +2 to the next round's skill check, avoid traps and push someone else out of the way of a trap(grant 1 person a re-roll this round).
Natural 1: -1 point, lose a healing surge
Natural 20: +1 point, stumble upon treasure

[sblock=Roll Options]Action Points: An action point may be used to roll an additional skill check in a round, though it must be different than the original check.
Aid Another: You may take -3 on a skill check to grant someone else a reroll.
Heroic Effort: You may spend a healing surge before a roll to gain +3 on the roll or after the roll to gain a +1 - or both for two surges.[/sblock]

Round Totals(6 PCs):
0-5 total points: 0 victory points and Disaster: Everyone stumbles into a trapped room as a group, each PC taking 3d10+4 damage.
6-11 total points: 1 victory point and Complication: Everyone gets in each other's way and sets of minor traps, each PC taking 1d10+8 damage.
12-17 total points: 2 victory points and Advantage: The group works together gets through the traps successfully.
18+ total points: 3 victory points and Miracle: Not only does the group get through the traps, but they find treasure on the bodies of long-dead adventurers that made it into the temple, but not back out.

Victory Points: Individual round totals will determine progress and impediments to reaching the center of the island. Final totals will determine the final result of the skill challenge.

Final Victory Point Totals
0-2 total points: Disaster
3-5 total points: Complication
6-8 total points: Advantage
9+ total points: Miracle[/sblock]


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Illarion aids Mab in her disarming, duo working like a well oiled machine. (grants Mab +4 to her roll)

OOC: Roll is actually 17, I missed +1 from Mab's feat.
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Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
Illarion aids Mab in her disarming, duo working like a well oiled machine. (grants Mab +4 to her roll)

OOC: Roll is actually 17, I missed +1 from Mab's feat.

GM: Each player is required to roll in this type of skill challenge. Look at Aid Another under Roll Options in the Skill Challenge.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Then it doesn't matter, roll 16 and 17 are same effect, Illarion takes damage (altough I'd use stealth rather then thievery if I must roll primary roll (which would result in 22) :(

I understand if you won't allow the change.

Stealth justification in this case being simple hiding from sensors and light stepping to avoid pressure plates (by hugging the walls) etc...


First Post
Devinihm, wilden druid

"The jungle is filled with its own dangers," Devinihm says, glancing down to where the black rot continues to spread, "And the natives know the land, use the land to hide their traps from the demons who do not know. Here, just before the entrance, where the grass changes color? There is a pit. And those vines growing on the floor? They look natural, as if the jungle has just grown into the abandoned temple, but there and there--do not touch! Snares and trip wires. Beautiful flowers, it seems, have grown on the walls over the centuries, but do not get too close. That one there, mixed in among the others, you see the distinctive striping pattern? It shoots poisonous thorns..."

OOC: Lose another surge, but on the upside, 3 points to the group, and someone gets a re-roll. :)

[sblock=Resources used]Daily: Summon Giant Toad
Healing surges remaining: 6/11[/sblock]
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First Post
Daunted by the infested temple, but determined to bring this to a conclusion, and hopefully bring back some coin to pay for her nephew's treatments, Auntie Mab presses forward. But goes stock still as soon as she sets foot through the entryway to the temple.

"Hold on a moment dearies!," she hisses in a tense whisper, "My, um, 'arcane' senses tell me there's something amiss here. Tristram," she prods, waking up the brown rat asleep in her pocket, "Go take a look at that stone over there for Auntie love. The one that's sticking up a little? Yes, that's it."

Scurrying over, Tristram gingering taps the stone with a foreclaw, then calls back, *Squeak, pfft fft meep, meep!*

"Just as I thought a pressure plate." The wily old woman squints her eyes and then scans the long hall that serves as the temple's anteroom. "Aha!," she declares with a satisfied nod. "See dearies, those statues are more than just ornamental," she indicates the row of stone saurian sentries lining the hall, holding altenately blowguns and crossbows.

"But we'll have this fixed in a jiffy." Drawing her enchanted blade, Mab carefully takes aim, and targets the weapon each statue holds, causing the fragile marble to crumble each time the thrown dagger connects.

"There now, should be safe to move about... In this room anyway. But keep quiet dearies! We wouldn't want the fiendish flibbertygibbets to know we're about," Auntie Mab quietly admonishes her companions.

Thievery (1d20+17+2+1-2=25)

OOC: Forgot to add in the conditional bonuses for Jungle itch, last round, and being on the Island on the roll, but added them here. 3 points and someone gets a reroll. Maybe Illarion should just go ahead and make that Stealth check now.

[MENTION=60965]Iron Sky[/MENTION] - you might look at retooling the guild feats for your skill challenge system, as the lack of an aid another bonus mechanic makes these feats slightly worse than skill focus.

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
You might look at retooling the guild feats for your skill challenge system, as the lack of an aid another bonus mechanic makes these feats slightly worse than skill focus.

GM: I'll say if he makes the Thievery as an Aid Another, you would still get the +2 bonus on your roll, even if you don't use his reroll.

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
GM: Busy weekend. Still need [MENTION=51271]Voda Vosa[/MENTION] and [MENTION=55230]DMDanW[/MENTION] for this final round. I'll update tomorrow.

Voda Vosa

First Post
Earth tries to see where the traps are located, but as he starts to walk on what he thinks it's safe terrain, he falls into a pit! As he falls, he sees the bottom is covered in pointy sticks! The others close their eyes as they hear the sound of Earth hitting the bottom. As they close to look into the pit, they see the pointy sticks crushed under the weight of the warforged. Earth then climbs up and keeps moving on.
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Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
Xander examines each passage, trying to figure out the most likely place traps would be placed and warning the others with his predictions.


The group makes their way through the elaborately trapped temple - or tomb, or whatever it is - as a group. Aside from a spear trap than wings Illarion, no one is hurt.

At the heart of the place the group finally catches up to the killers.

Amidst a mess of Demonlings pouring out of a rift are two larger demons - one a silver-haired, winged, almost noble-looking brute - perhaps the minor offspring of a Demon Prince.

The other is a void, living emptiness wrapped in wicked-looking armor that is chained to some bizarre floating contraption and seemingly in the midst of some dark ritual. You can feel tendrils of chaos and whispers of destruction radiating from it, seeming to pull you in towards it. It spins towards you as you enter and points, uttering something in the blasphemous Abyssal Tongue.

At its words, demonlings begin grabbing the relics that are carefully placed and arranged around the room and making a run towards the doorway the entrance area the group just came through.

[sblock=Xander's roll]Insight: 1d20+10=25.[/sblock]

OOC: I'm going to rule that Stealth doesn't as described (that sounds more like Acrobatics) since Stealth involves hiding from sentient/aware things and the traps are passive.

I'll post the combat tomorrow, don't have time atm. Feel free to roll initiative now if you want.

Since he hasn't been here since half-way through the last combat, I'm going to drop Xander from the adventure. I know he's the only healer, but... that's the way it goes. Nothing personal, it just takes enough time to run adventures without running a PC as well

@DMDanW , if you want to stay in the adventure, speak by tomorrow when I run the first combat round.


[sblock=Skill Challenge]Objective: Make your way through the jungle island towards the center of the island and whatever is located there.

Rounds: 3

Challenge Level: 4

Round 3 Results:
Earth: Perception 12 -> Endurance 27, 3 points, grants re-roll to Illarion
Raijin: Athletics 10 -> Athletics 20, 2 points, Jungle Itch(-2 to skill rolls)
Mab: Thievery 27, 3 points, grants re-roll to Raijin, Jungle Itch(-2 to skill rolls)
Xander: Insight 25, 3 point, grants re-roll to ???, Jungle Itch(-2 to skill rolls)
Devinihm: Nature 29, 3 points, grants re-roll to Earth, Black Rot(roll endurance 20 or lose a healing surge)
Illarion: Thievery 16 -> 17 Thievery, 1 point, 1d10+8=11 damage, Jungle Itch(-2 to skill rolls)

Round Total: 15 Points, 2 Victory Points, the group doesn't set off any extra traps.

[sblock=Last round's treasure]Spaced out giving treasure, and almost did again... and, the Compendium's random treasure parcel system says:


Skill challenge total: 6 Victory Points, Advantage - The group makes it into the inner sanctum of the temple while the Demons are just starting to ransack it.[/sblock]


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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Illarion reacts faster then is his want, but seeing all those demons brings back memories of some of the servants of The Brotherhood of Seven Stars and some of their torture victims.

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
The Final Chamber, Round 0

As the group enters, the rift flickers shut, ripping apart half-a-dozen demonlings that were standing near it, though swirling black energies still fill the pit it was in.

The Silver Demon glares at you with a malevolent intelligence while the other demon's contraption flickers out of existence and reappears at the top of a stairway at the back of the room. On the stairs, red orbs glow and flicker with chaotic energies.

The rest of the demonlings grab up fallen objects - random bits of ancient art and treasure that bear remarkable similarities to the bowl you saw in the painting back on Hill Lane. They look at the group, then the Voidwalker gestures with an empty sleeve past the group and the Demonlings begin moving as though to run past the group...

GM: The skill challenge was a milestone, so APs for everyone!

@Voda Vosa , you never said if Earth was healing up after the last fight. You can retroactively spend as many surges+2d6+4 as you need, just be sure you do by the end of your first round.

Also, as a concession to Xander leaving, I'm changing that last treasure parcel(120gp) to 5 Healing Potions, one for everyone.

[sblock=Initiative]Masterplan always rolls really well for my monsters. They go at 21.

Mab is up.[/sblock]

[sblock=Arcana 19, Minor Action]The central rift seems to be closed for the moment. The red spheres sticking out of the walls have something to do with it and your pretty sure the objects the demonlings are trying to get away with have something to do with it too... [sblock=Arcana 24]The red spheres are definitely holding it open. You can disable one by getting adjacent to it and making a DC 20 Arcana check. If you fail the check, however, you'll take damage equal to the amount you failed it by.[/sblock][/sblock]

[sblock=Combatants]Earth: D11, 44 damage taken?
Mab: B9
Raijin: C15, 2 damage taken
Illarion: C7
Devinihm: C13

Silver Demon: J6-K7
Silver Demon, ?? Max HP, ?? AC, ?? Fort, ?? Ref, ?? Will, Resist ??, Vulnerable ??. MBA: ??

Voidwalker Demon: N4
Silver Demon, ?? Max HP, ?? AC, ?? Fort, ?? Ref, ?? Will, Resist ??, Vulnerable ??. MBA: ??

Hunter Demonling 1: H7
Hunter Demonling 2: H9
Hunter Demonling 3: I12
Hunter Demonling 4: G14
Hunter Demonling 5: H16
Hunter Demonling: Minion, 17 AC, 15 Fort, 16 Ref, 14 Will. MBA: Claws: +8 vs AC, 5 damage. Elemental Reflection(Free, when takes acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder damage from a target within 5 squares): Deal 5 of the same type of damage to the attacker.[/sblock]

[sblock=Terrain and Features]The red spheres are all at ground level for whichever level they are at. Each platform it 10' higher than the last (first one is 10', next is 20', last is 30'). The walls are smooth stone, DC 25 to climb.

The dark swirling void area is... icky. You're pretty sure you don't want to go in there.[/sblock]


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OOC: Just a quick note about my likely trigger:
First melee attack (Dragonflame Mettle - Interrupt) Until the end of your next turn you get +1 to all defenses and any creature that hits you with a melee attack takes 1d6+4 fire damage.

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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