The Hunted (DM: IronSky, Judge: ???)

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
The Hunted: Day 1, Hour 3, Minute 50

Illarion lights up the lanterns, but spills some oil on himself that promptly catches fire. He puts himself out relatively quickly, but is somewhat distracted by the singed skin and smoldering arm-hair and has trouble focusing on his magic.

Earth doesn't find anything especially notable - aside from the obvious dismembered corpses - but the spirits sense some familiar unnatural presence has been here... recently.

Raijin closes his eyes in concentration. When he reopens them, his eyes glow with faint blueish glyphs. The sense of abyssal magics is here, but, unlike the other scenes there are two layers - one that is about two days old, a second that is only an hour or so old. It is especially strong near one of the doors, the one directly to the left of the door everyone entered through.

Mab tries to recall what she can about the guild and only remembers a few scraps of details. They are fairly new, only formed in the last few years. They seem to specialize in illegal gambling, especially relatively high-stakes games which implies that they already had a decent amount of currency to back the house's stakes. This places is also - aside from the gore - relatively well decorated and well-adorned for a thieves guild, implying high-value "clientele".

Devinihm finds the usual silver hairs stuck here and there to the splinters of the door. He determines from the way the corpses are laid out that the woman at the door was probably looking through the view-slot in the door when whatever was on the other side blew it apart or hit it with such force that it impaled and lacerated her. She probably died within seconds.

Judging from the remains of the other bodies, he determines that one of the ones who was playing cards didn't even have time to get out of his seat - either from shock or due to the speed of whatever killed him while the other man's weapon has a bloody handprint on the handle that's lying broken nearby, he had time to get his weapon out and died after nominal resistance.

GM: Sorry about the delay in posting. Thought I'd be back from the party at 9 or 10 and I didn't end up getting home until almost 3am.

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: I was waiting for some others to share what they see, Illarion finishes lighting up the lamps and then retreats toward the entrance so he's not on the front if/when trouble appears.


Raijin moves to the door directly to the left of the one they entered from. There is a recent trail here of aberrant energy leading this way, not from the original attack.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Older? Newer? Current? If it's fresh maybe we should run after it? I can go forward and stealth my way in along with the rat if Auntie will part with him. Maybe we can get a surprise jump on someone or something that way."


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Devinihm, wilden druid

OOC: Apologies. Haven't had a chance to get on and do much of any posting for the last couple days.

"These beasts move fast as wind," he says. [color]"As before, they killed multiple prey before anyone could move to fight."[/color]

As Illarion talks of stealth, the wilden offers, "I can move quietly when needed, and my eyes need little light, but if it is the gray hairs here, I do not think we should separate. I do not think the others could reach us in time if there was trouble with the speed they show."


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*Squeak! Pfft, pfft, meep, pfft, pfft, pfft,* Tristram protests after hearing Illarion's suggestion.

"Why Tristram, how rude! Just because he's blind doesn't mean he's clumsy. 'Might step on you' indeed!," the Auntie Mab admonishes. "Still, I suppose Tristram and Devinihm are right dearies," she says to the rest of the group, "It wouldn't do to have one of us wander off down the hall and be eaten by the bazzlebaum while all the rest of us sit here like bumps on logs, now would it?"

"Now then, you say there's some sort of energy around this door? Ah... yes, yes, I see what you mean," Auntie Mab bluffs, "Might be a trap though, meant to lure us to certain doom. Let me just use my 'arcane' senses to inspect the door a minute..."

Perception (1d20+6=13), to check the door for traps.


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Xander seems oddly quite and has a far-away look in his eyes, as if he is lost in thought. He does however keep up with the group, hanging back a little from the front, but none the less still present.

Sorry all for my lack of posting. A couple of weeks ago I received a promotion at work and have since been very, very busy. I am able to still check in a few times over the day, but so far have not had nearly as much time to 'keep-up' like I used to. Still here though and eager to solve the mystery!

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
The Hunted: Day 1, Hour 3, Minute 51

Mab examines the door and sees that it is open a crack. It doesn't appear to be trapped.

From what everyone can see through the crack, it looks like it's a another room of some sort, with a bookshelf not far from the door. Not much more can be seen from this angle.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Push it in, Earth. Let's see what's there." whispers Illarion, readying his dagger.

OOC: Ready action Chaos bolt on first thing that appears aggressive (i.e. charges, roars or somehow attacks)

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