The Hunted (DM: IronSky, Judge: ???)

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First Post
"Come on then dearies. The bazzlebaum's not going to find itself," says Auntie Mab, seeming somehow more confident than she did at the battle on the docks. The old woman surreptitiously draws her large carving knife from her cloak pocket as she moves to the doorway.

[sblock=readied action]:melee: or :ranged: Gloaming Cut vs. any apparent hostile behind the door = +9 vs. AC, 1d4 damage, and on a hit Auntie Mab shifts to the side of the door making gaining cover and making a stealth check (d20+15) to become hidden.[/sblock]

OOC: Spent 7 DM credits to level Auntie Mab. See stat block below.

[sblock=stat block]Auntie Mab - Human Rogue (Warlock) 2
Conditions: none
Passive Perception: 17, Passive Insight: 17, Init: +5
AC: 17, Fort: 13, Reflex: 18, Will: 15
Speed: 6
HP: 30/30, Bloodied: 15, Surge Value: 7, Surges left: 7/7
Action Points: 1, Second Wind: not used, Milestones:
:bmelee:Basic Atk: Dagger +4 vs AC, 1d4+4 dmg
:branged:Ranged Basic Atk: Throw Dagger +9 vs AC, 1d4+4 dmg, Range 5/10 (Daggers: 5/5)
Preparatory Shot, Gloaming Cut, Sly Flourish
Eyebite, Shadow Strike
Twilight Menace, Arm and Edge
Combat notes:

Tristram - Rat Familiar
HP: 1/1; AC: 17, Fort: 13, Ref: 18, Will: 15
Skills: +12 Thievery, +20 Stealth
Status: Passive Mode[/sblock]

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
The Hunted: Day 1, Hour 3, Minute 52

The door swings open to reveal...

A tidy, nicely appointed bedroom office. A small bookshelf is immediately next to the door, a round table with four plush chairs sits on a rug near the center of the room with a map of Daunton's island, a sword, and a scroll.

In the far corner is a dresser with gold coins spilled over the top of it and another small bookshelf beside it.

To the left of the door bed with a thick blanket, a wood chest with another sword on it, and a desk with stacks of money sitting neatly on it.

A body sits in the chair, wearing leather armor that seems almost classy. Her chest is covered with blood and, judging by the neat line separating her bare skull from her face, she's been scalped.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Illarion waits for others to enter, just in case, but uses the time to focus on magic flow around him. This room could contain hidden map and the map of Dauton might even provide a reference.

But...could it be that she tatooed her part of the map on her head?

"Wow, and I thought I've seen everything with The Brotherhood! They could learn from this guy" thinks Illarion distracting himself from what he's doing

Arcana (again) (1d20+4=11) - vow! this guy really is an assassin and not a sorcerer :(

OOC: I'm playing a warden in LEB, I could take over Earth for a time if nobody else volunteers.


First Post
Devinihm, wilden druid

The wilden frowns.

"This is ... not as before," he says. The other hunting, even behind us, was a storm. This is clean and neat. Is it the same hunter? Or the hunter in another form?" Devinihm examines the corpse first, looking for hairs that for once he doesn't expect to find.

((rolls to follow))


First Post
Xander inspects the woman and her wounds, trying to judge what was the cause of death and if this would have been the same beast that caused the destruction in the other room.

Apparently although going through the motions, he still seems not to be focusing on the present and is still lost in thought. (crappy roll.....)


First Post
"Well would you look at that?," says Auntie Mab ruefully, "No bazzlebaum in here after all." She then strides over to the desk, picks up the scroll and reads it.

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
The Hunted: Day 1, Hour 3, Minute 54

Illarion searches the room for magic and detects a faint trace of it, but he can't trace much more about it.

Devinihm searches the room high and low and doesn't find a single thick silver hair like the others in the room, though there are plenty long brown ones that presumably belonged to the dead woman.

Xander determines that she was in fact scalped and has a gut feeling that the same thing that cause the wanton destruction outside also scalped her in this precise, almost surgical fashion.

Mab finds that on the scroll is a note. It reads:

"I know when I stopped by yesterday that you weren't interested and, after seeing the setup you have going under the Chipped Flask, I can't blame you. But just imagine how much more we could make if we went back prepared this time! Last time we just grabbed what we could carry and you guys turned it into small fortunes, what if we brought a shipload of those things back?

Even if you weren't interested in going, I could make it happen. Look, I know I've never been good with money, but if each of you three pitched in just a bit to fund this expedition I could bring you back a fortune! I've heard there's a ton of competent mercenaries at that
Hanged Man Tavern that are half-crazy and would be willing to brave the jungles and all the other stuff that nearly killed us last time.

I'm going to go talk with the others - can you believe it? A textiles merchant and a merchant captain, those two, for real? A few years ago we were fighting crazy natives on a jungle island and being stalked by... whatever the hell those things were that dragged off our guide!

On a side note, did they ever get together? I'm surprised they aren't married by now.

Anyway, hope to hear from you soon, you can probably find me at my parent's place over on Hill Lane.



First Post
"Oh-ho! Look at this dearies. I've found a letter from Mr. Dartanian," says Auntie Mab, beaming and obviously proud of herself, "Hmm... it says here that he, Captain Elean, the poor rich gentleman with the fancy pipes, and this, um... young lady here all apparently struck it rich on some sort of jungle expedition, where they were chased off by some sort of savage beasts."

She pauses, assuming a thoughtful look for a moment, "Could it be that we're not after a bazzlebaum after all? They're notoriously picky about the weather, and not at all suited to hot climates. Maybe what we're looking for is, is... is, flibbertygibbets!," the old woman pronounces, having obviously just coined a new monster, "Yes, flibbertygibbets, the fearsome hunters of the hoary forests! Except, I don't know about any jungle islands nearby, so I don't know how that helps us..."

"Well, I suppose we should head over to Hill Lane to see what's become of poor Mr. Dartanian's family when we're done here. Just let me know when you're done looking around dearies," Auntie Mab says as she turns to the bookshelves, browsing the titles to see if there are any atlases, gazateers, or travelogues on the shelf that might yield information on this mysterious jungle island.

Perception (1d20+7=27)


First Post
Devinihm, wilden druid

Devinihm frowns. "I think I am right, and the hunter changes," Devinihm says. "No fur, and there was fur everywhere. It was human, or seemed human, here."

He glances over the scroll himself, then wonders, "If the four original are murdered, who remains to have stalked them? Dartanian talks of a guide... whatever is killing seems not to care for the money, perhaps it cares for revenge, then? It killed everyone in each of their homes.

"And if it was here, it knows for certain where Dartanian's home is, yes? And we believe it still seeks a fourth piece of the map? I think we must return to his parents quickly."

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