The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread

I feel like yhese van adequately be brought on topic into discussing Pizza toppings.

You like Billy Joel and Peter Frampton on your pizza?

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Limit Break Dancing
I think what this edition really needs, is 30 more core classes. Like, Eldritch Knight and Arcane Trickster need to be full classes, and Way of the Shadow, too! Heck, where are my Jock, Jester, and Bureaucrat classes?!?
Maybe we should have Sub-Subclasses instead.
Like, why should I be pigeonholed into playing an Eldritch Knight, something that we all can agree is unplayable and restrictive. I should be able to play an Eldritch Knight of the Four Elements of the College of Swords...which of course would be distinctively different from the Eldritch Knight of the Fist of Zeal...


I think we need to have an uncomfortable discussion about "For the Longest Time". And "Show Me the Way".

I had no idea on For the Longest Time! It doesn't throw me much because who I pictured as background singers didn't particularly differ from Joel that much. For the later, the Frampton one or the Styx one? In either case, I wasn't trying to guess who was doing the backgrounds.

Reading Narnia to my kids now, and while God and religion are central themes, the main point is Lewis working to vindicate his own preferences for fiction over what was considered hip in literary circles at the time. Really obvious now as an adult who has read "Important Literature" and actual Medieval Chivalric Romance. Voyage of the Dawn Treader feels like it could have come straight out of ghe 14th century, in a good way.
It might have been more of making me disappointed in realizing how some people visualized religion working than in the books, but it still makes me cringe at a few scenes. I reread Dawn Treader a lot over the years. I've never liked the final volume and that's the one I didn't read to my own child.


I find out about the grossest stuff here at EN World. Banana ketchup, mustard flavored soda and chocolate ice cream, NZ style pizza...

Level Up!

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