Spoilers The Marvels (Spoilers)


I liked it in theatres and this is the first post Endgame MCU movie I've rewatched and it was just as fun second time 'round. Solid chemistry between the three leads, and I appreciate that it was a brisk runtime ... I'm so done with overly long movies.

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I just watched it on Disney+ with my sons and we were seriously underwhelmed. Stupid plot, boring villain, tonal whiplash - and we all hated the entire water planet "singing aliens" concept. Weird that the best parts of the movie were the end-credits scenes.

The quantum entanglement concept was somewhat interesting and added something different to the fight scenes, and Kamala's fangirlishness was well done, but that was about it. Oh, and I rather liked the design of the spaceship they were flying around in.


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