The Notetaker role


The only downside I've ever encountered with "table roles" (like Notetaker) has to do with rewards. Namely, if the GM gives rewards for those behaviors, and only one (or a few) players actively engage in them, they'll get more rewards than the other players.

Other than that, and barring the IC/OoC nature of the notes themselves (as already mentioned), I've not seen any problems.

Speaking as a Forever GM - GHOD bless the Notetakers, and shower them with praise, for thus does the GM keep what little of his sanity remains.

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bedir than

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This has been some great advice.

I'm going to take a few moments after each session to make certain I hit each player and their character key events in order to include them in the writing.


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In my games, I'm the DM and the notetaker in the sense that after the session I quickly type out some notes of what occured in the session and ideas for the next session. Between sessions, I clean up my notes. Since most of the work is already done, I make a player-facing version of them and paste them into a Sessions Note journal that is available to, and editable by players.

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