D&D 5E The October D&D Book is Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons

As revealed by Nerd Immersion by deciphering computer code from D&D Beyond!

Fizban the Fabulous is, of course, the accident-prone, befuddled alter-ego of Dragonlance’s god of good dragons, Paladine, the platinum dragon (Dragonlance’s version of Bahamut).

Which makes my guess earlier this year spot on!

UPDATE -- the book now has a description!



Fizban the Fabulous by Vera Gentinetta
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Hollowed like Celestial Dragon?
Hallowed would be Celestial. Hollowed would be like Soulless undead dragons that were animated by some type of spirit (historically it was elemental spirits).
I think Elder Brain Dragon will be a Template with a size requirement (the Dragon has to be big enough to carry an Elder Brain on its back.
On its back? I always pictured an Elder Brain dragon as having its brain replaced by an Elder Brain, like how Intellect Devourers can replace the brains of Humanoids.

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