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The Official 2016 Anticipated RPGs Poll!

After taking nominations in this thread, it's time to start voting. Let us know what RPGs you are most anticipating this year. The nominations were gathered over a series of days, and culled down to those which were full roleplaying game systems (i.e. not settings, adventures, supplements, or accessories for an existing game). The poll will run for one week, after which I will announce the 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2016. You may choose up to three options.

Vote by either:

  1. If you are viewing this on a desktop on the news page, click here to visit the forum thread or use the poll over in the sidebar to the right. ==>
  2. If you are viewing this on a mobile device, click here to vote in the forum thread.
  3. If you are viewing this in the forum, the poll is at the top of this page.
Russ Morrissey



I voted, and it says that the voting results are hidden. I'm not exactly an old timer on this site, but previous polls I've seen showed the current results immediately. What is different this time?


Well, that was fun
Staff member
The difference is this one set to be hidden. I'll announce the results at the end. :)

Von Ether

Not surprised seeing as how the setting poll had one set of results for a week and then changed a bit after a couple of fan campaigns got going.
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The difference is this one set to be hidden. I'll announce the results at the end. :)
Makes sense. Like I said, I haven't been here too too long, I've never set up a poll myself, and I didn't realize the running results could be hidden. I'm curious about/looking forward to the final tally.

Wednesday Boy

The Nerd WhoFell to Earth
Looks like the results are visible in the sidebar on the news page, though.

While you're here, do you have a tentative date for the Sentinels Kickstarter launch? No worries if there's not one yet or if you're unable to share. Thanks!


Why isn't my game, Cosmic Tomb Raiders: Dream Knights of the Quintux Sector, not on the list. It has been mentioned at least once on the Internet :)

A lot of good games on that list, but I narrowed mine down to Conan, Mutant Chronicles and Traveller (Mongoose). Unknown Armies would have been #4.


I voted for Interface Zero: Fate Edition, only because Interface Zero for Savage Worlds is one of the top 3 campaign settings/sourcebooks I've ever owned, period.

I don't even like Fate all that much, and may not even buy it. But I really, really want to represent for Gun Metal Games. There are very, very few RPG books I've ever bought that totally blew me away.

Interface Zero 2.0 for Savage Worlds was one of them.

If I was actually voting, I'd vote for The One Ring Adventurer's Companion, but it's not on the list.


Confession time, despite being a big fan of the first edition of 7th Sea I didn't vote for it in this poll because I'd be exceptionally surprised if it appeared this year. A kickstarter campaign, yes; the product of that campaign, not very likely unless it's virtually written and art commissioned already. Blue Rose, Sentinels, and Mongoose Traveller 2e for me. Not Runequest, despite being a fan, but two of those are games I'm really interested in and MongTrav2e plays well assuming the beta is a good representation.


Mongoose Traveller 2E is the main thing for me. I am also interested in how the new version of Paranoia with cards and so on works out, especially seeing as I backed it on Kickstarter. Actually, there are a few other Kickstarters, some very late, that I'm waiting for, but my main curiosity is for the English translation of Aquelarre. I could have chosen RuneQuest, but still feel a bit miffed about being messed around by multiple editions in the last few years, while other honourable mentions goes to Delta Green, Unknown Armies and Kult, possibly Wraith and Changeling (though I think this is more likely to be released next year). All flashbacks from the 90s, updated to the 21st century.

Some of the other titles on the list I am curious about at least.
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I just realised how out-of-date I am in regards to most new RPG announcements! I've only heard of a handful of the options, though one (7th Sea) is something I am really looking forward to.

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