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The official EN World puppy/doggo thread

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I crit!
I’m just resting my eyes.
My healer/border collie on my scratched up black leather couch with a squeaky toy in his jaws as he’s closed his eyes cause he’s falling asleep after a hard day. Nap time.

Thomas Shey

Bad news, today was the last day for my mother’s dog Anjya. She was a 140 pound Leonberger who was diagnosed with cancer this past June. This is a photo of little Anjya from way back in 2013 where we stopped for lunch and played in a field.

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My sympathies to your mother. Our old boy Eric (who was mostly a mix of GSD and bull mastiff and weighed in at 90 lbs.) ended his life with a spinal tumor about four years ago.

In honor of Anyja, a picture of him at what I'd guess was about the same age:


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