D&D 5E The Printers Can't Handle WotC's One D&D Print Runs!


One of the reasons why the three new core rulebooks next year will not be released together is because D&D is such a juggernaut that the printers can't actually handle the size of the print runs!

Jeremy Crawford told Polygon "Our print runs are pretty darn big and printers are telling us you can’t give us these three books at the same time.” And Chris Perkins added that "The print runs we’re talking about are massive. That’s been not only true of the core books, but also Tasha’s Cauldron. It’s what we call a high-end problem."

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I crit!
A couple of thoughts spring to mind.

1) No wonder they like the current reduced splat book churn as compared to previous editions.
2)Now, I am even less surprised that Boomers are less than a rounding error in the market.
Yea, it’s not so much that we’ve shrunk in numbers, though we have, it’s that it’s current new number of players dwarf our numbers.
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Wait: are you telling me they AREN'T gonna do a three book set for the 50th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons for the new core set next year?
Good thing that the rules are backward compatible! ;)

Guess they will send out the PHB, then the others since you could use the old monsters and the DMG did not have much.

Will they all be released on DDBeyond together since they do not need printers for that. Might drive more numbers there for people that need to be first.

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