The Retrievers - Chapter 2


Koraero Firironna - Sun Elf Rogue 2

Scotley said:
Looking a bit sheepish, Mindal turns to the others and whispers, "Well so much for my plan. Kor, are you up for checking the way for traps then we can all charge in screaming like banshees and try to surprise them?"

Koraero turns to Mindal and performs a series of hand movements and gestures (think of the visual of a base coach telling you to steal third). Koraero cuts himself off, realizing that Mindal has no idea what he is doing. He gives Mindal an exasperated look and then says as quietly as possible, "Okay, I'll give lessons later... I'll check ahead for traps and see if we can't, I don't know, sneak up on them."

Koraero then sneaks ahead to scout the cave.

To use as needed...
Search roll - 30! (a natural 20)
Move Silently - 21
Hide - 12
Listen - 5
Spot - 16

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Lurker (sort of)
Chapter 2 - Cave Room 2

Kor creeps up the passageway keeping to the shadows as much as possible and just before he rounds the corner he fades into the shadows disappearing from site. Every few feet Kor makes sure to check the surrounding area for traps and to his surprise he does not find any. As he rounds the corner he can see into the room beyond. The passageway opens up into an extremely large room where he can see several of the creatures milling about doing mundane activities. In the eastern passageway he sees a kobold dressed in robes emerge from a side passageway and clout the head of the creature next to him, yipping and yapping at it in its guttural language. The creature slinks away then turns and runs directly toward where you are currently hiding. As it draws closer it almost trips over its feet as its eyes meet yours. For the briefest of moments it has a look of utter confusion on its face, not quite comprehending what it is seeing, before it grabs its spear and howls something over its shoulder.

The rest of you are waiting for Kor's return when all of a sudden you hear pandemonium break out from the down the passageway. The few of you who can understand kobold hear, "INTRUDERS!!!!!"

Pemberton - Init=20
Sten - Init=17
Reinn - Init=13
Durnn - Init=12
Kor - Init=9
Kobold Sorc - Init=7
Kobold - Init=6
Mindal - Init=5

[sblock]Kobold - Listen=18, Spot=19
God how I wish I could constantly roll this well with any of my other characters, either PbP or RL.[/sblock]


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Durnn, Earth Genasi Fighter 1

Everyone notices Durnn fidgeting as Kor does his searching, and when the cry rings out "INTRUDERS!!!!!" you can see a smile come across Durnn's face.

"About time!" he calls out. "Drop me in a trap, will ya? Well, guess what? It's time to pay the piper." Holding his battleaxe, he charges towards the commotion.

OOC: Not knowing where he is going, Durnn is going to spend this round full moving into square 2622.


Mindal Human Scout

Mindal, hearing the shout, realizes that now that surprise is gone speed is his best ally. He runs down the passage to support Kor his swords ready for action.

OOC: Assuming Kor clears the passage Mindal will move out into the room to engage a foe. Given where he falls in the initiative order, I'll wait until others act to state where exactly he goes.


Lurker (sort of)
(ooc: Since no one is engaged in melee right now you are free to move through anyone's space, just as long as you do not try and move through an enemies space as that will provoke an AOO.)


Lurker (sort of)
Erekose13 said:
Sten moves as far as he can towards the room, not quite making it there with the twisting passageway slowing his movement.

(ooc: Don't forget you can double move to get where you want to go.)


Mindal Human Scout

With a shout of "At them Retrivers!" Mindal rushes to attack a Kobold with a swing of his sword. 1d20+5=20

OOC: Double move to 2423 to attack Kobold two. Assuming the 20 hits damage (2d6+3=11). AC is 16 this round and should be 18 once he can bring both swords into action.

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