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D&D General The Return of the Death Knight!

You might remember my sad tale of my HeroForge death knight and it’s untimely fate. Well… there’s a new chapter in the story, because the death knight is back!

HeroForge very generously reached out to me and offered to send me a replacement. I gratefully accepted (while feeling slightly guilty, as it was my dog who ate it’s predecessor).

The new death knight arrived this morning — along with a pair of other minis, who I hereby dub his minions. I think they might form a small adventuring party.

So, thank you HeroForge! You can't keep a good (evil?) death knight down! Now I just need a name for this new adventuring party!


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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Joel Lovell

I really want to like HeroForge, but I take issue with one of their policies - that they do not allow you to commercially use photos or images in any way that you take of figures you buy from them. I was taken aback by this policy, because if I were to buy any other manufacturers miniatures to create a derivative work i.e a dioramas or scene for artistic purpose, let's say to use the photo of the set to illustrate a role playing game adventure book encounter, I would not have this issue. I would be curious what people think of this.

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