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D&D General The Return of the Death Knight!

You might remember my sad tale of my HeroForge death knight and it’s untimely fate. Well… there’s a new chapter in the story, because the death knight is back!

HeroForge very generously reached out to me and offered to send me a replacement. I gratefully accepted (while feeling slightly guilty, as it was my dog who ate it’s predecessor).

The new death knight arrived this morning — along with a pair of other minis, who I hereby dub his minions. I think they might form a small adventuring party.

So, thank you HeroForge! You can't keep a good (evil?) death knight down! Now I just need a name for this new adventuring party!


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


The Bear is a Monk(Long Death)/Ranger(Primeval Guardian) using a Greatsword enchanted to be usable as a monk weapon. Death is part of nature, and undeath is part of death. Living things are but a prelude to producing a more perfect undead creation.

The Warrior is a strength-based Rogue(Assassin)/Fighter(Samurai) renevant using Mithral plate and a Scimitar. They returned from the grave to avenge a crime the DK committed, but their undead nature left them being mentally dominated by the DK and turned into a tool serving what they hate most.

The DK is of course a DK, or maybe a Paladin(Oathbreaker)/Warlock(Undying). They made a deal to come back to save something they loved, and in returning lost the ability to feel love. Now they mechanically follow their oath to protect the thing they love, which is warped beyond recognition.

As NPC foes, they are gestalts with cherry picked features from both sides.
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He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
Wait, these are their colored plastic prints? As in no painting? That’s a quality I was not expecting!

The colored plastic prints are really nice. I mean, they're not going to look as good as lovingly-hand-painted, highly-detailed minis you'll see in the display cases at the hobby shop, but they're at least as good as the pre-painted ones put out by GF9 (Wizkids?). And the colors don't seem to fade much, unless of course they're consumed by canines...


How the heck are they colour printing in 3D?
They 3d print it by depositing plastic that is quick-hardened (I dunno, using UV lasers), but here they deposit different colours of plastic (and I think even blends).

So instead of being a monocoloured model with paint on it, the colour can be more than skin-deep. I think they can even get some translucent plastics this way? Not certain.

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