The Travesty! The Horror! Male Medusae.

Will you use, or allow summons of, male medusae?

  • No, medusae are only female. This is my first house rule.

    Votes: 19 7.8%
  • No, medusae are only female. However, this is not my first house rule.

    Votes: 45 18.5%
  • Male medusae are ok with me.

    Votes: 179 73.7%

  • Poll closed .


WotC's bitch
All this bother about medusas and political correctness and whatnot can be avoided as follows.

1. Male medusas exist.

2. Male medusas also have breasts.

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Doug McCrae said:
Trivia question: What were the names of the other two gorgons?

Euryalé and Stheino. Google FTW.

Interestingly enough, I've never heard of Stheino before, but Euryale rings a bell.

EDIT: Ninjad by Kennew : (
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kennew142 said:
Oh no, I can't believe the amount of effort it took for me to make the medusae into partheogenetic fey creatures. How do I ever find the time to do these things?

I don't think anyone said it was difficult. It is very simple to change the fluff of a monster.

I imagine everyone has their own monsters they have their own emotional attachments to and twists on. Medusa is one of mine. This does not make me irrational or foolish -- it means I am passionate about my idea of the monster as it stands for me.

Sounds like many posters think the maedar is cool, and apparently they're in Eberron as well. (Hey, who knew.) I don't think this is stupid, it just doesn't fit my idea. My poll was to see how many other people feel the same way. :)

Jack Colby

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Actually, there are no such thing as Medusae. There is only Medusa, she was a Gorgon. Given that D&D has always used her name as a species rather than an individual from mythology, however, I'm inclined to use male Medusae in the game. :)


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Rechan said:
Actually, there is no such thing as Medusa, because she's a made up story. :)

Pegasus is a big lizard that breathes fire.
Batman is a flying superhero who lives in Metropolis and loves Lois Lane.
Odysseus and Helen ran away to the city of Troy and fought the invading Greeks.
Bugs Bunny is a giant blue ox that accompanies Paul Bunyan.

The present king of France is bald.


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hong said:
All this bother about medusas and political correctness and whatnot can be avoided as follows.

1. Male medusas exist.

2. Male medusas also have breasts.

Hong saves the day again and confuses everyone with traps!


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The Eternal GM

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I'm sad enough to have always have been annoyed at D&D's Medusa 'race' as opposed to having Gorgons.

Male Medusa? So there's thousands of her and now she's a tranny too? Wow...

Or whole swathes of 'not happening in my games thanks all the same.'


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Male medusas do not bother me at all; as has been said, maedars have been around for a long time. (Also, this way I don't have to come up with explanations about where the baby medusas come. Although compared to the sphinx, medusas are easy.)


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I have focused in on the elusive beast, gaze into my scrying pool and see that he appears to be currently grappled. :D



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Nothing wrong with them. I've had a male medusa npc in my last campaign. Seemed like a good fit in a dungeon filled with classic monsters with a twist, which would lead up to planescape-ish adventures, but some of my players disagree.


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