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The Untamed Wilds: Electric Skies Character Generation


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Astral Plane:

Once a player reaches Collegiate 10 they may access the Astral Plane by projecting their astral self and leaving their Hard Realm body in a state of unconsciousness. The Astral Plane is a realm of magical energy overlapping the hard realm. Where the energy from the Astral Plane seeps into the Hard Realm are the waylines. When projecting into the Astral Plane, characters are completely incorporeal and invisible to Hard Realm characters. Magicians with Collegiate over 10 can roll to detect projectors with the Divination skill. In the Astral Plane the only applicable stats are Essence, Adhesion, Cohesion, and Collegiate along with the expanded magic skills. Characters can manipulate, attack, and be attacked in the Astral Plane using their skills in the same manner as in the Hard Realm. All damage is taken from Adhesion and then Essence, and is enhanced by Cohesion and Confluence for attack, damage, range, and defense. Once Adhesion is reduced to 0, the projector automatically leaves the Astral Plane, although overlap damage occurs and reduces Essence. If Essence is reduced to 0, the character dies. Projectors cannot harm anyone in the Hard Realm, but they can observe the Hard Realm and interact with other projectors.

Enchanted Weapons and Armor: any weapon and armor can become enchanted through a secret process guarded by the Academy of Magicians and their enchanters. The Academy takes orders from citizens and creates the items for a profit. Enchanting the weapon or armor grants it a +1 to a chosen development ability as the magician advances in collegiate magic. Once an enchantment is placed on an item, no other enchantments can be placed on that item. Items you purchased before can be enchanted later.

Enchanted Weapons can harm spirits as for regular rules. Non enchanted weapons do not harm spirits.

Firearms can be enchanted as blunt, edged, or piercing weapons. It does not improve the aim or effectiveness of the shooting, but they can be used as melee weapons. This has brought into practice many different blades and blunt ends being a part of any firearm.

Enchantments can be stacked with the same cost for every enchantment.

The enchantment allows the weapon or armor to be repaired through meditation by the character. Spontaneous materials do not simply appear, they must be provided by the player and be within their range. If range is touch the character must touch the new material and the enchanted item. The enchantment will splice the spare material into the enchanted item and repair it. No other tasks may be performed while this meditation occurs. The more material that must be repaired, the longer the process will take, and the more expensive it will be.

Cost of material repair for a weapon or armor is 10 credits per point.
Type of Magic Weapon and DamageCostAugment
Single hand edged1000+1 Development Ability
Two handed edged1500+1 Development Ability
Single hand blunt1000+1 Development Ability
Two handed blunt1400+1 Development Ability
Single hand piercing1000+1 Development Ability
Two handed piercing1300+1 Development Ability
The armor is composed of ceramic plates that bear the magical bonds. Cloths cannot be enchanted.

Type of Magic ArmorCostAugmentCoverDeflectSoakHindrance
Armored Clothing1000+1 Development Ability9010515
Light1200+1 Development Abiltiy80201020
Medium1500+1 Development Ability85251825
Heavy2000+1 Development Ability90302530
Other Items

There are substantial gardens in the Helston skyscrapers that grow many different types of plants and sell them for profit. You can buy these items at many stores.

Herbs for healingcostHeal
Mend Leaf100Body +1
Soothe Leaf100Mind +1
Mend Bark200Body +2
Soothe Bark200Mind +2
Mend Root350Body +3
Soothe Root350Mind +3
Other SubstancescostAffectTime
Leaves of Bolster100Health +110 min
Leaves of Glamour100Persona +110 min
Leaves of Iron100Will +110 min
Leaves of Rage100Strength +110 min
Leaves of Stimulation100Motility +110 min
Root bark of blood200Confluence +210 min
Root bark of bolster200Health +210 min
Root bark of iron200Will +210 min
Root bark of rage200Strength +210 min
After the Way lines returned, minerals and metals still in the ground took on Way sensitivity. These items were pulled from the ground and put to use. No metal item not in its natural state took on Way sensitivity.

Yellow Stone1000PersonaDementia
Amulets are larger since they have a chunk of the raw mineral or ore suspended in the center

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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Thomas: Player Character


Thomas was born within the metroplex of Helton 22 years ago. He was a normal Human child of common parentage and mundane means. During his adolescence, on a trip outside the city with a group of other children, the change that infects some at that particular moment of life overcame Thomas during the night. Wracked with a dangerous fever and profuse sweats during the night, he woke in the morning to find that he had grown head and shoulders taller than his previous height and significantly increased in muscle mass. The change terrified the group and they abandoned him to his fate in the wilds.

Thomas did not die of starvation nor was he devoured by some raging beast. Others outside in the wilds found him and helped him through his change. Most of those that helped him had suffered through a change themselves, though their new form was predominantly that of an Elf. Having learned to harness his sensitivity to the Way lines, Thomas also learned to reintegrate with society though he became keenly anti-technological. He developed no adversity to the presence of technology nor of its use by others, but he had disciplined himself to function without it, an oddity in a world of virtual reality and cybernetics. These, oddly, tuned individuals who shun technology are often called Aura Monks.

On a curiosity trip back into the Helton sprawl, Thomas met with a brawl inside a tight alley just outside the back exit of a rumored Runners bar. Syd and Robert were out-numbered two to one when he waded in. His two new friends took to calling him Trollick, which befitted his giant-like appearance, in addition to his aversion to technology. As is typically the case when following a lead located in the VR, Robert, who is called Hawkeye, had run down a red herring, a false hope. Having met Syd and the both being led into the alley on the premise of greater information, the demise of the two did not quite go as planned when a total stranger decided to involve himself.
GenderMaleStrength +1Confluence +1Will +1
Height8'4"Strength +2Body +2Motility -1
BuildStockyStrength +1
ColorationLightAdhesion +1
HueMelaninicConfluence +1
Eye ShapeOvalWill +1
Eye ColorLightKnowledge +1
Enhanced Armored Clothing9010515+1 Motility
Interlocking Mystic Bracelet
Bloodstone+2 Health
Waterstone+2 Motility
Nightstone+2 Adhesion
Emberstone+2 Cohesion
Heartstone+2 Confluence
Livestone+2 Strength
Sunstone+2 Persona
Milkstone+2 Will
Bare Fists120
Mars 50 Heavy Pistol40
4 Clips Standard Ammunition (48)20n/a
Zerusk of Ranella's Mystic Portables
Katmus of the Bright Leaf Society
Gibraltar of the Hudu Krew
#102: Awarded 2. Spent 3 to raise Divination to 4. Saved 1.
6/26/19: Awarded 2. Saved 1. Total 3.
Post #115: Awarded 10. Total 13. Spent 6 to raise Confluence to 7. Spent 6 to raise Aberrative to 7. Saved 1.
#120: Awarded 2. 1 Saved. 3 Total. Spent 3 to raise Commercial to 4.
8/30/19: Awarded 2. Saved.
#141: Awarded 2. Total 4.
#153: Awarded 10. Spent 13 to raise Combat to 8. Saved 1.
#157: Awarded 2. Saved 3.
8/22/19: Awarded 2. Saved 5.
#182: Awarded 2. Saved 7.
#186: Awarded 10. Spent 17 to raise Combat to 10, which conveyed 1 point to Weaponless.
#190: Awarded 2. Saved.
#205: Awarded 2. Saved 4.
#209: Awarded 2. Spent 5 to raise Commercial to 6. Saved 1.
#213: Awarded 2. Saved 3.
#218: Awarded 10. Spent 13 to raise Commercial to 8.
#225: Awarded 2. Saved.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

Robert Barnes, aka “Hawkeye”
Human Decker
Mind Primary / Essence Secondary / Body Tertiary
Archetypes: Basic = Intellectual, Novice = Rogue, Adept = Sniper.
Combat 10
Collegiate 10
Commercial 10 (Already have this; cease spending)

Health / Motility / Strength = 1 (Already have these; cease spending.)

Adhesion / Cohesion / Confluence = 10

Knowledge / Persona / Will = 10; then pickup Discipline, and advance to 10.

Projectile = 1 (Requires Combat 10); when Projectile reaches 10, then pickup Fired and advance to 10.

Divination = 10 (Requires Collegiate 10)

Obscurative = 10 (Requires Commercial 10)
Awareness = 10 (Requires Obscurative 10)

Mercantile = 10 (Requires Commercial 10)
Investigation = 10 (Requires Mercantile 10)
Character Data
Mind10Knowl7Persona5/6Will5/6Commercial10 (CE)
CE = Cyberware Enhanced.

Extended Chart: Skills to Develop For Archetype:
Commercial10VR Manip (CE)8
Boost, Cost
Low-Profile Virtual Reality Headset

Closed Link Vehicle Link Display (VLD)

Replacement Eye (Left)

Internal Communicator
+3 Commercial, -1 Essence (VR)
+3 Commercial, -1 Essence (VLD)
(Total cost for both units: 10,000)

+2 Commercial, -1 Essence (L.Eye)
Cost for eye: 5,000

+2 Commercial, -1 Essence (Int.Com.)
Cost for Int. Com.: 2,000
Extra Equipment Purchased:

Armored Clothing (Mothballed / In Storage)

Heavy Pistol (Ruger Phoenix MK IV 8-shot Revolver) w/ 5 quick-change Full-Moon cylinders.

Enchanted Full Suit of Heavy Armor (+1 Motility)

Enchanted Arm Bracelet (Top Left Forearm, Underneath Armor): [+1 to Adhesion, Cohesion, Confluence, Willpower, Persona, and Strength.]

Enchanted Bloodstone Necklace (+1 Health)

Mothballed Armored Clothing9010515None
Enchanted Full Suit of Heavy Armor90403030+1 Motility
Jan. 22, 2019: +5 points awarded.
Jan. 29, 2019: +5 points awarded.
Feb. 04, 2019: +5 points awarded.
Feb. 06, 2019: Spent 10 points to raise Combat from 1 to 5; Spent 4 points to raise Commercial from 4 to 5. 1 point was saved.
Feb. 18, 2019: +5 points awarded (total = 6)
Feb. 25, 2019: +5 points awarded (total = 11); Spent 2 pts. to raise Motility from 2 to 3; Spent 3 pts. to raise Strength from 3 to 4; Spent 5 pts. to raise Adhesion from 2 to 4. (1 XP Remaining, saved.)
Mar. 11, 2019: +5 points awarded (Total = 6);
Mar. 18, 2019: +5 points awarded (Total = 11); Spent 10 points to raise Health from 1 to 5. (1 XP Remaining, saved.)
Mar. 25, 2019: +5, saved.
Apr. 02, 2019: +0 (Failed to post.)
Apr. 09, 2019: +5, saved.
Apr. 15, 2019: +5, saved, Total = 16. Spent 9 points to raise Essence from 9 back up to 10. Saved the other 7 pts. for now.
Apr. 23, 2019: +5, Total = 12; Spent 12 points to raise Motility from 3 to 6. 0 pts. remaining.
Apr. 29, 2019: +5, saved. (Total = 5.)
May 06, 2019: +5, saved. (Total = 10.)
May 14, 2019: +5, saved. (Total = 15.)
May 22, 2019: +5, saved. (Total = 20.)
Jun 03, 2019: +5, saved. (Total = 25.)
Jun 10, 2019: +2, saved. (Total = 27.)
Jun 18, 2019: +2, saved. (Total = 29.)
Jun 25, 2019: Spent 21 points to raise Persona, Cohesion, and Collegiate from 3's to 5's; spent remaining 8 pts. to raise Strength and Confluence from 4's to 5's. (0 points remaining.)
Jun 25, 2019: +2, saved. (Total = 2.)
July 09, 2019: +10 (Total = 12.); Spent 11 pts. to raise BASE Commercial skill from 5 to 7. Which means that my adjusted Commercial skill counting VR is now a 10. (1 pt. saved.)
Jul 30, 2019: +2 (Saved.)
Aug 06, 2019: +2 (Saved.)
Aug 26, 2019: +2 (Saved.)
Sep 04, 2019: +2 (Saved.) Total = 9 pts. saved.
Sep 06, 2019: Spent 9 points to raise Adhesion from 4 to 6.
Sep 09, 2019: +2 (Saved.)
Sep 17, 2019: +10 (Saved.)
Sep 22, 2019: Spent 11 points to raise Knowledge from 5 to 7. 1 point saved.
Sep 25, 2019: +2 (Saved); Total = 3.
Oct 02, 2019: +2 (Saved); Total = 5.
Oct 15, 2019: +2 (Saved); Total = 7.
Oct 22, 2019: +2 (Saved); Total = 9.
Oct 28, 2019: +2 (Saved); Total = 11.
Nov 06, 2019: +2 (Saved); Total = 13.
Nov 11, 2019: +10 (Saved); Total = 23.
Nov 11, 2019: For gaining Commercial of 10, I get 1 point (free) which I will use to start me off in Obscurative; I will then spend 1 pt. to get a point in Mercantile. (22 pts. remaining); Spent 10 pts. to raise Obscurative from 1 to 5; Spent 10 pts. to raise Mercantile from 1 to 5. (2 pts. saved.)
Nov 19, 2019: +2 (Saved); Total = 4.
Jan 01, 2020: +2 (Saved); Total = 6.
Jan 09, 2020: +2 (Saved); Total = 8.
Jan 15, 2020: +2 (Saved); Total = 10.
Jan 21, 2020: +2 (Saved); Total = 12.
Jan 30, 2020: +2 (Saved); Total = 14.
Feb 06, 2020: +10 (Saved); Total = 24.
Feb 06, 2020: Spent 24 points to reclaim 3 points of essence from loss due to cybernetic implants; Essence is now once more at 10. (0 DP remaining.)

Remaining creds: 5,350

Male: +1 Strg / +1 Conf / +1 Will
Height: 7’4”: +1 Strg
Build: Lean, Wiry: +1 Motl
Race: Human: +1 Know
Skin: Medium (Tan): +1 Cohe
Skin: Melininic: +1 Conf
Eyes: Oval: +1 Will
Eyes: Light: +1 Know
To go from 7 to 10 = 24 pts.
To go from 6 to 10 = 30 pts.
To go from 5 to 10 = 35 pts.
Unknown to most people, the mystical side of nature has always been a part of the world, although without the presence of of Wayline Energy (commonly referred to as "magic") the mystical properties of various things were stunted, and incomplete. For instance, people who would have been born either Giants or Dwarves, came into this world with the physical bodies of such, but lacking their magical component; thus, people born like that were considered aberrant, and their physical structure, being incomplete, caused them many health problems, and shortened lifespans. Had Robert Barnes been born BEFORE the Great Awakening, he would have been said to be "afflicted" with the condition of "Giantism," and wouldn't be expected to live much past his mid-fifties, because the strain on his heart would have been too great.

But luckily for Robert, he was born AFTER the Great Awakening, at a time when his body could function as it was meant to, through the constant contact with, and infusion from, the presence of active Waylines; Robert is not afflicted with Giantism, but rather, he is truly a Giant, and much to the surprise of many who meet him, he is neither brutish nor slow; in fact, his mind is far more developed than his body, despite his enormous size and physical power. He was gifted with the best of both worlds, and he grew up in an environment where he was able to take advantage of that fact.

Robert is the son of Harold and Pauline Barnes; Harold, a professional trainer, and Pauline, a mechanical engineer. Robert himself attended the University of Houston, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, with a certificate of specialization in Cybernetic Technology. After graduation, Robert began working at Fry's Electronics, while living at home with his parents, until he could save enough money for a down-payment on an apartment.

Things were going well until last year, when both of his parents were killed in a home invasion. Robert took the deaths of his parents really hard, and vowed to find the gang members responsible, and to take them down, by any means necessary, whether or not those means happened to be legal.

Robert was his parents' sole inheritor, and after the sale of their upscale Houston townhouse, he had enough money to pay off all of their final debts, with enough leftover to pay for his own apartment, along with enough cyberware for his new career; Robert knew that the police would never solve his parents' homicide, so he chose a profession that would allow him to track down the perpetrators on his own time: corporate decker for the Texas Instruments Cyberware Division.

Nowadays, Robert spends his days in a corporate environment, and his evenings scouring cyberspace, looking for clues that will faciliate his vengeance. Lately, he has caught wind of a local bar where people with special talents can pick up extra cred, doing "odd jobs" on the side. Tonight, he is checking this bar out for the first time, in hopes of earning enough money for a major equipment upgrade.. Tonight, he will walk into the Axelrad Lounge, not realizing that his life will soon be changed forever.
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Syd 2.jpg
Syd Vicious, aka Sydney Victor Bellingham Jr.
Fighting Strategist (aka: Street Samurai)

Syd was born to a defamed London aristocrat father and a Japanese laundress mother. His father, Sydney Victor Bellingham, worked for Lloyds of London as an Actuary. It was during a trip to Vancouver, BC, where he met Koriko Taki, who he thought to be a mere laundress. Unbeknownst to Sydney, Koriko was also a "laundress" for the Vancouver Yakuza. Koriko saw an opportunity to help her Yakuza family by marrying someone who worked for Lloyds.

The marriage was a happy one, Koriko made sure of that, even giving Sydney, Sr. a son, Sydney Victor Bellingham the Second. Everything was going well, Koriko suggesting insurance policies for people she knew where to be conveniently deceased within two years after the policy was signed. Then, three policies staked death claims within six months time. After an investigation, the executives at Lloyds of London decided that Sydney Victor Bellingham did not investigate the policy holders closely enough and thus, fired him.

Koriko suggested they go to America and start over, Sydney Sr. getting another actuarial position with New York Life. But, New York was too much even for Koriko, and having a one year old in a city she considered mad as a damned hatter, she suggested somewhere in the Midwest or Heartland.

Sydney got a job as a Payroll Advisor for Texaco at their St.Louis branch. Of course, Koriko stepped in and suggested some "family" members to work for Texaco.

Meanwhile, Syd Jr. became a street fighter at an early age (9 years), earning a reputation for being a vicious and unrelenting attacker. His mother, who Syd Vicious called Mama-San, got him into the gang life, but was caught by surprise at young Syd's bloody reputation even amongst Yakuza go-gangers who used youth gangs as recruitment material. So, his parents decided he needed a change, besides the fact that his father was being demoted and shipped to another city: Houston. It seems by this time, Syd Sr. was more than a mere lush/social drinker, but an outright alcoholic.

The Houston Sprawl was little different and Syd found himself in the same kind of trouble. It landed him more than once in the Metro Houston Juvenile Detention Facility. When he wasn't in Juvee, Syd was in a go-gang known as The Hudu Krewe. They were a brother group to the tri-state (Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas) gang, The Ju Ju Zombies. The Zombies were known thugs, dealers and killers. The Hudu Krewe were nearly Boy Scouts by comparison...except for Syd the Vicious, as he was known then. His cruel fights were what led his victims to the Doc Wagons and the local constabulary took notice of the trend. Syd was on the Houston Juvenile Criminal Hot List.

It was also during this time Syd's father was fired from Texaco, and soon after, died of kidney failure due to alcohol poisoning. Koriko glossed over the self-inflicted aspects of his father's death and blamed the corporations, not just Texaco, for his death.

Syd Viciuos' path was set, and Koriko and her remaining Yakuza contacts couldn't have been happier. That is until Syd's last visit to Juvee.

Thus, it was during what seemed just another "visit" to Juvee that Syd met an ex-Street Sam, named "Butch" Grant. Seeing possibility, and maybe redemption, in young Syd, Butch trained him in the use of sword, hand to hand and weapons combat...and a Code to tame and direct a wayward heart. It was a code that spurned all gangs, corps, cults and systems; but held onto the belief that "a runner doesn't have to be a Merc or a Thug; but instead, he could do runs to help others, not just himself --- and still get paid well.

Syd still has a vicious reputation, hence the name change to Syd Vicious, legally, when he turned 21.

He is now 22 and looking to make some cred, on the streets and on his credstick...and to square some debts of injustice; especially against the company that demeaned, defeated, and ultimately killed his father --- and maybe help other "little guys" who have been beat down by Corps, gangs, or "naughty words in general".

Meeting up with Hawkeye and Thomas (Trollick), Syd is ready to run the Shadows, especially against the Corps, if such a gig comes up, or just doing whatever work needs to be done.

Ho, chummers! The days are gonna be gnarly, and the nights are gonna be --- 'Vicious'.

[sblock=Base Scores]
Body: 10/3/3/3/3
Mind: 10/2/2/2/2
Essence: 10/1/1/1/1

[sblock=Description and Bonuses]
Male: +1 Strength, +1 Confluence, +1 Will
Average Height (6' 1"): +1 Health
Thin Build: +1 Motility
Human: +1 Knowledge
Medium Skin Color: +1 Cohesion
Chromatic Hue: +1 Adhesion
Oval Eyes: +1 Will
Dark Colored Eyes: +1 Persona

Vehicle Link Display (VLD)+3 Commercial, -1 Essence
Skin Durability+2 Health, -1 Persona
Muscle Increase+2 Motility, +2 Strength, -1 Cohesion, -1 Confluence
Internal Communicator+2 Commercial, -1 Essence

concealdamageammoweightHindranceextra info
Medium PistolTiger Mac10-21005025104lbs-122 clips
Full Auto, Single-handedAK47004030356lbs-202 clips
SabreWilkinson Swords 3T7022-----3.5lbs83T = Tungsten Triple -Triple". Folded Tungsten blade (64 folds). Very sharp and ultra-durable, and nearly, if not even, unbreakable. Slash Attack weapon.
Full Medium85251525

Kawazuki Street Screamer Top Speed 100; Armor 35

Modified Scores

[sblock=Various Tasks]
[sblock=Saved 20 xp] 09/15/2019 [/sblock]
[sblock=Credits earned] 3000 credits [/sblock]
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Gamer Extraordinaire


Your characters know almost nothing about Shatterframe, where she is from or what her ultimate goals are. She is an older hispanic woman with only a Texan accent. Both of her legs from the knees down are cybernetic, she uses a VR Headset, and a Vehicle Link Display, but what other improvements she might have are not known to you.
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