The Witcher Cover, Art, Info & Q&A Announced!

The Witcher RolePlaying Game, developed by mother and son design team Lisa and Cody Pondsmith, is due to debut at Gen Con on 2nd August. R. Talsorian have given us a look at the cover, some interior art and a little bit of extra info about the game.
The Witcher RPG, based upon the popular series of novels and computer game franchise of the same name, is finally making an appearance in two weeks’ time after three years in development. Written and developed by Lisa and Cody Pondsmith, the game is using R. Talsorians signature Fuzion game system.

The book, which will be 360 pages long, full color, and retail at $50.00, features four playable races : The Humans, Elves, dwarves, and the Witchers, and offer players a choice of 9 Classes.

Bards: Charismatic entertainers who can befriend anyone, inculcate themselves into societies and worm their way into their opponent’s minds.

Craftsmen: Talented artisans who are skilled not only in crafting weapons and armor, but also craft alchemical concoctions and can make augmentations to weapons on the battlefield.

Criminal: Smooth operators who can crack any safe, take a man’s life with no witnesses and rally gangs around themselves.

Doctor: Calculating physicians who are trained in field surgery, allowing them to treat wounds with double the efficiency, or cause grevious wounds with their anatomical knowledge.

Mage: Scheming politicians and manipulators, removed from power and now using their often earth shaking power to escape persecution and get revenge

Mercenary: Grizzled warriors with ages of combat experience who can calculate their opponent’s moves, take down targets from extreme range and unleash devastating attacks.

Merchant: Canny salesmen who know the power of coin. They can use their knowledge of product to find vulnerabilities in armor and track down cheap suppliers. When they need be they can acquire favors and allies to break the competition.

Priest: Men and women of the Gods who use ancient blood rituals to commune with nature, heal the sick, and injure or hunt down heathens and burn them with holy fire.

Witcher: Restricted to those with the proper mutations, Witchers are consummate monster hunters who dabble in mutagenic potions, simple field magic and incredibly deadly swordplay.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the game Cody Pondsmith, lead developer of the game, will be joining Dan Davenport in a live question and answer session on the #randomworlds IRC channel at 7.30pm central (8.30pm eastern/5.30pm Pacific) on Wednesday 25th July.

To attend the Q&A, visitors will need to first access the #randomworlds IRC channel and follow the on screen instructions.

A log of the session will be posted to Dan Davenport’s blog, The Hardboiled Gumshoe’s Office, shortly after the session ends.

Additional information about The Witcher Tabletop Roleplaying Game can be found on the R. Talsorian website.

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Digging the artwork. Witcher as both a race and class makes sense. But it’s still going to look funny writing “Witcher Witcher” on a character sheet!

James Gray1

First Post
Can't help feel that being a Witcher is the point of this game, all over classes sounds completely secondary.

It depends, I suppose, on the sort of game you are playing and the GM. Certainly, you could all play witchers with different focuses, but having a craftsman in the party will be useful when you need a specific kind of weapon to deal with a monster and having a doctor in the party will help when you're bleeding out. Each class is built to have unique and useful traits in the world.

Hand of Evil

Looks like they changes a good bit from what was discussed in the seminar at Gen Con last year.

Witcher Class and Race? Figure that should be Mutant/Witcher but can be where the witcher class is the schools.

Hope we get a good bit on the setting.

While I think a lot of people will want to play Witchers, the books certainly are filled with what would be classified as other race/classes. Geralt’s the POV character, but he adventures alongside a bunch of different folks.

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