There's A New D&D Cook Book Coming With All The Flavors of the Multiverse

A new officially licenced Dungeon & Dragons cookbook book has appeared on Amazon! While there's no cover image yet, there is a description of Heroes' Feast Flavors of the Multiverse: An Official D&D Cookbook. The hardcover book will be released November 7th for $35.

The book is by Kyle Newman, Jon Peterson, Michael Witwer, and Sam Witwer.

Explore the cuisines of the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse with more than 75 delectable new recipes from the New York Times bestselling authors of Heroes’ Feast.

Never adventure on an empty stomach! From the D&D experts behind the bestselling Heroes’ Feast comes Heroes’ Feast Flavors of the Multiverse,a mouthwatering cookbook stuffed with eclectic fare for solo adventurers and party quests alike. This culinary tour presents original recipes inspired by regions and settings from across the Forgotten Realms and beyond. All seventy-six dishes, developed by a professional chef from one of the country’s top test kitchens, are delicious, easy to prepare, and composed of ingredients readily found in our world.

The immersive recipes in Heroes’ Feast Flavors of the Multiverse are perfect for sharing and entertaining. Dishes are organized by location with options for every occasion—especially game nights!—including

• otherwordly appetizers such as Talyth and Goldenstars
• savory main courses such as Steak of the Deep and Eldeen Banquet
• alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as Elverquist and Kaeth
• and desserts such as Green Ice Rime and Vada’s Vanilla Bean Buns

Adventure has never tasted so good!
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According to the FR wiki, three more of these are also from classic Forgotten Realms lore:

Goldenstar is a triangular loaf of eggbread stuffed with sausage and potatoes and "drowned in chicken sauce."

Talyth is an appetizer consisting of a cracker topped with sausage, cheese, and herbs.

Kaeth is basically just coffee.

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Everything's Fine
Well they were right, they are monetizing the hell out of D&D, as they say, a fool and their money etc.....
I'm a fool! I'll definitely be buying

I'm in a game of D&D using a different set of rules where my Thief character whose specialty is poisons also happens to be an excellent chef. I use the Heroes Feast book regularly to tell my fellow PCs what my character cooked up in camp or at the Adventurer's Guild that day. It's great fun

(some of my fellow players are worried that my Wisdom-5/Intelligence-5 Thief will mix up the poisons and the food. It's never happened almost! And if worst comes to worst, he's happy to provide an antidote for you (unless he doesn't know what the antidote is... 🤷‍♂️ ))

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