D&D (2024) They butchered the warlock in the new packet


I like it, but those who swear "by the book only" and Crawford are gonna hate my Table and the slight modification I would do to the UA 2023 Warlock.

Hmm....that's weird, whose knocking at the door, I wasn't expecting company today.

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and this should (but wont) put the final nail in back compatibility this is NOT the same warlock
it doesn’t need to be the same warlock to be compatible. A rogue or wizard are not warlocks either and no one said that makes them not compatible with 5e.

Compatibility is not about keeping the classes the same.



Rite of Recharge: The warlock may undertake a five minute ritual that requires concentration to recharge their pact magic slots. Sometimes their patron talks to them during the ritual.
The warlock may use this a number of times per day equal to their proficiency bonus
so short rest by another name (and shorter, obviously)

At that point why not have 3 to 4 times as many slots and forget about the breaks, accomplishes the same without having everyone else wait around for the ritual to end
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The solution is to make short rests easier to get, not forcing everyone to long rest.
I’d be okay with that. If it went back to being a 5-min breather after the fight, I’d be fine with that.

However, I suppose they looked at how many classes have short rest mechanics versus long rest, and decided it would be easier to move the one way than the other.

How are martial nerfed?

They all just got Str damage on a miss, or some other effect.

Which is more identity than they had before. Which was wizard, but with charisma.
Overall they've lost more power than they've gained. True, most of that power before was via feats, which is terrible design, but that should have been baked into the bases classes. Not only that, but martials still lack a shared power system. So more martial abilities can't be added beyond subclasses. While casters can constantly get piles of new spells via splatbooks.

Look at the DnDNext playtest sorcerer. It actually had unique mechanics and theme which played into its subclasses. Rather than forcing every sorcerer to be wildmagic themed.


if your single most distinguishing feature is breaking your class, then that needs fixing, even if it reduces uniqueness overall
The Warlock is fine, it's MC that's borked.
However, I suppose they looked at how many classes have short rest mechanics versus long rest, and decided it would be easier to move the one way than the other.
Feels to me like Wizard bias again...

Does it, though? You'll actually be able to cast spells more often instead of just spamming Eldritch Blast every round!
About half the warlocks I've played literally haven't had Eldritch Blast (it's a solid decision not to before level 5 and one that can be done before level 11, especially with the Celestial warlocks even if you ignore the Pact of the Blade). And of the ones that did at least one of them cast Silent Image more than Eldritch Blast. (Meanwhile I don't think any of my warlocks have ever cast Hex).

So while I understand the meme that certainly isn't how warlocks have been in play for me.

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