"They Rode to Perdition" starring Arcade's Gang (D&D/Boot Hill)

Silver Moon

Chapter 35, “Confrontation in the Alley”, October 26th, 1881, 2:45 P.M.

Arcade and Morgana walk down Freemont Street towards the alleyway. Arcade comments, “It’s too bad your druid spells duplicate mine, I’ve already got that covered.” She smiles and says “Never hurts to have more of a good thing, and as for cover, you’ve never complained before whenever I was uncovered.”

They clear the corner building and look down into the alleyway. The five cowboys are still standing there. At the sight of Arcade the one who they do not know (Billy Claibourne) runs behind the nearest building. Both Clantons and both McLaurys stand their ground as the other two walk further down the alley. Ike Clanton backs up towards the Photo Studio wall and Tom McLaury pivots his horse around to provide him with some cover. Billy Clanton says where he was while Frank McLaury actually moves forward, walking his horse a bit so that he is now closer to the new Winchester rifle sticking out of the saddlebag.

“What do you want?” Frank asks. “We’re just here to talk,” Arcade replies. “I don’t think there’s anything in particular for us to talk about,” Tom states. Morgana interjects, “There is if you’re looking to be causing trouble.” “We’re not causing any trouble here,” Billy exclaims. Morgana says, “Really? Then let me refresh your memory. Ike Clanton has just challenged Doc Holliday to a gunfight at the O.K. Corral and you’re all waiting here in the alley to bushwhack him when he passes by here on the way to the corral.” They appear a bit surprised by her knowledge, but Frank is quick to recover, saying, “This is a private matter between Ike and Holliday.” “Then why are the rest of you here?” Arcades states. Frank replies, “To make sure it stays between just those two. We don’t trust the Earps to stay out of it.”

Arcade and Morgana stop walking when they are ten feet in front of Frank. Ike is the furthest back at around thirty feet away. Morgana says, “I believe that one of the Earps is the Tombstone Marshal, and has a right to enforce the law.” “His brothers don’t have the right to bully everyone,” Tom exclaims. Ike blurts out, “That Marshal has already taken a rifle and shotgun away from me. (DM’s Note: It was actually Sheriff Behan who took the rifle). Frank says, “Look, this doesn’t concern you. It is a local law enforcement matter.” “How do you know? Maybe it does concern us,” Morgana replies.

After a long pause Frank states, “You’re Arcade, right?” “A’Yup,” is the response. “I’ve heard about you,” Frank states. “All good I hope,” Arcade replies. Frank answers, “What do you care about this for? Arcade gestures over to a nearby window of Harwood’s Boarding House and says, “You see there? That’s where my lady friend here is staying. She doesn’t take kindly to cowboys disturbing her afternoon by having gunfights outside her room. She’d also rather not have any stray bullets finding their way inside, if you know what I mean.” “That room?” Tom states, pointing. Arcade raises his voice and says, “Louie, wave hello to the cowboys.” The half-orc moves the curtain aside with his gun barrel and smiles a toothy grin, exposing his fangs.

“So you just want us to move away from where you’re staying?” Frank asks. Morgana yells out, “No! We don’t want you shooting up the town. Violence is wrong, and we’re going to stop you from killing each other whether you like it or not.” Frank blurts out, “Oh, shut up little lady. Arcade, are you going to let your woman talk for you?” Arcade replies, “Keep poking at her and you’ll see exactly what this ‘little lady’ is capable of.”

Morgana takes that as a cue for a little demonstration. She casts a “Gather” cantrip, which is a low-level wizard apprentice spell used to pull one or more small nearby objects over to the spellcaster. In this instance the items she decides to gather are the bullets and cartridges along the front of Frank’s gun belt. Everyone is started when the dozen or so shells levitate out of the belt and then fly forward, landing in a pile in her outstretched hand. “She’s a witch!” Ike yells.

Morgana decides to play that for all it is worth and replies, “I could be. They didn’t hang all the witches back in Salem Massachusetts you know.” In a dramatic gesture she then tosses the bullets to the ground and then states, “I could have just as easily had these bullets explode while inside of all of your gun belts and weapons. Or I could pull all of your weapons out of your hands and have the barrels twist so that they can never be fired again. Is that what you want?” (DM’s note: Actually, she can’t, but the cowboys don’t know that.)

Tom says, “Lady, we just came to town to conduct business. That’s not against the law you know.” “And have you concluded your business?” she replies. “I believe we have. We just came to help out our friend Ike. I think we’ll be going now,” Frank states. “Sounds like a plan,” Arcade answers. The cowboys turn south towards the corral. Morgana yells out, “Head directly out of town, we don’t want any more trouble from you.”

When Morgana had started to cast her spell Louie decided to head outside as back up, going out the rear door of the boarding house. He relaxes at the sight of the four cowboys now heading away, leading the two horses. Arcade and Morgana have decided to follow them. Hank and Sam now decide to also exit Harwoods. Arcade glances behind the next building, expecting to see the man who first ran away, but he is long gone. They follow from a distance of around thirty feet as the cowboys approach the corral owner, pay him, pick up two saddles, and then go and get their other two mounts.

Frank McLaury climbs up onto his horse and the other three lead theirs towards the outer gate of the corral over towards Allen Street. They no sooner step foot on Allen Street when Virgil Earp’s voice sounds out from somewhere on the street with, “That’s far enough boys.”

Morgana and Arcade exchange glances. Because of buildings on either side of the corral they cannot see where Virgil is. Arcade points to the two corral areas on either side of the gate. He and Morgana then each climbing over the fence and making their way forward along the walls of the buildings on both sides, also using the fences as cover. Morgana lifts her skirts up to keep her new dress out of the horse dung as she walks. They each get to the end of the fence, with Allen Street on the other side. Morgana sees the three Earps and Holliday are lined up across the street near her. All three Earps have drawn their handguns and are pointing them directly at the Clantons and McLaurys while Holliday is holding his hand inside of the duster he is wearing.

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Silver Moon

Next Chapter (and thanks to Mr. E. Gary Gygax for the suggestion of adding Johnny Ringo and his friends into this scenario)

Chapter 36, “Standoff at the O.K. Corral”, October 26th, 1881, 3:00 P.M.

Marshal Virgil Earp states, “You are under arrest for attempting to disturb the peace.” Ike yells back, “We’re not disturbing anything. We were just going.” Morgan Earp blurts out “You’re not going anywhere. You’ve been looking for a fight, now you can have it.” Both Billy and Ike place their hands on their guns but do not remove them from the holsters yet. Tom has no visible weapon, but his shirt is tucked out and unbuttoned, allowing him easy access to whatever might be concealed underneath.

Billy Clanton maneuvers his horse around to provide himself some cover. Frank McLaury lowers his right hand and starts to slide the Winchester rifle out from his saddlebag, using his horse to shield this movement from the Earps and Holliday. Morgana is climbing over the fence nearby and tells Frank, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Morgana hops down onto Allen Street, landing at the midpoint between Virgil Earp and Frank McLaury.

Her sudden arrival draws the attention of all potential combatants, creating a distraction for Arcade to climb over the fence to a location on Allen Street twenty to thirty feet behind the Clantons and McLaurys. Louie uses this opportunity to get right up to the corral fence along Allen Street. Further back, Sam and Hank are hurrying to catch up, having just reached the rear fence of he corral. Out of the corner of their eye they spot four armed cowboys hurrying down Third Street toward Allen Street.

The tension rises as Doc Holliday and Ike Clanton begin trading accusations against each other. Arcade then states, “The cowboys were planning to leave town just now. Why don’t you let them?” This startles both Billy and Ike Clanton, as they were not aware of anyone behind them. Billy pivots around and draws his gun, still holding it down and to the side, unsure of which direction to point it. Ike also draws his gun as he yells to Arcade, “You stay out of this.”

Wyatt and Morgan Earp both prep their guns. Billy and Ike doing likewise, as do Louie and Arcade. Doc Holliday removes a shotgun from under his duster and levels it towards Ike. Frank gets his rifle ready to fire, still holding it concealed behind the horse. Virgil yells, “Hold on, I don’t want that,” while also cocking his revolver Morgana yells for everyone to stop acting stupidly. Wyatt yells at her “Lady, this isn’t your fight. Get out of the way or you might get hurt.”

The half-orc Louie calls them all foolish! He yells to the Earps, "You want law in town, make it peaceful nice place, but if you get dead in shooting, that not happen, then what?" He then turns to the Clantons and yells "You have nice ranch, grow good cows, make good meat to sell, get much money. If you shot dead, you no get to have money. Go home, stay alive, grow cows, have much money for good life." Arcade comments "I think there is something to be learned from that 'Chinese wisdom'."

Wyatt Earp starts to take aim and Billy Clanton yells out, “Don’t shoot, I don’t want to fight.” Arcade yells out, “They were planning to leave!” Virgil yells back to Arcade, “You said you were going to disarm them, but they sure look armed to me.” Tom yells over “I have nothing.” At this point Arcade notices two rifle barrels protruding from two different alleyways behind where the Earps are standing. He yells, “Who are your friends?” Nobody answers, not knowing whom he was addressing and what he was talking about. Hank and Sam are now closer, weapons drawn, and Hank yells over to Arcade “There were four more of them running down the side street.”

Virgil again yells to Arcade, asking “Why didn’t you disarm them?” “Hear that, he’s in with the Earps,” Ike yells. “They’re all still armed. It looks more like Arcade is in with them,” Wyatt exclaims. Louie mutters, “Great, they all think we’re the enemy.” Arcade glares angrily at Virgil and states, “Well, I don’t think I like what’s happened here. It sounds like this was all a set-up.” He then raises his voice, slowly are loudly articulating each word, and states “And I don’t take kindly to being set up!”

Morgana yells over to the Clantons and McLaurys “You were about to ride out of town. Why don’t you lower your weapons and just go.” “And get shot in the back by them?” Ike exclaims. A voice then sounds from further down the street, about forty feet behind the Earps stating, “I don’t think the Earps will be doing that.” Holliday doesn’t waver in his attention to Ike Clanton, but all three Earps glance back to see who is behind them. Both Johnny Ringo and Buckskin Frank Leslie have now emerged from the alleyways, each holding a rifle in the direction of the Earps. Two more rifle barrels are now sticking out from the alleyways, although nobody can ascertain exactly who is holding them.

Virgil Earp yells, “Johnny, this isn’t your fight. You stay out of it.” Ringo replies, “I’m not looking to join in a fight. I’ve nothing against a fair fight, but this was starting to look more like an execution to me.” Leslie walks forward until he is alongside Ringo and the two of them continue to move forward. Virgil yells, “You hold it right there Johnny and let’s sort all of this out.”

Ringo and Leslie stop, now around thirty feet from the Earps and Holliday. Behind them, both Pony Deal and Billy Claibourne step slightly out of the alleyways, pointing their rifles towards the Earps. While everyone was looking back Frank McLaury used the distraction to raise up his rifle while his brother Tom reached his hand under his shirt and withdrew a revolver. Sam, Hank and Louie remain behind the corral fences, each with their own firearm at the ready.

Morgana looks back and forth at the sixteen gunmen standing on or alongside Allen Street and exclaims, “I’ve had enough of all of this bull-excrement. You men seem determined to kill each other! There’s no reason for violence. This can be resolved peacefully.”

Meanwhile, a Tombstone resident named Billy Allen* is now sitting at a second floor side window of his family’s business, Allen’s Hardware. A prominent founding family of Tombstone, the Allens had constructed most of the buildings along what was then named Allen Street. Their businesses on this street include this two-story brick hardware building alongside the O.K. Corral. At the sight of Earps and Holliday marching along Allen Street Billy had hurried on ahead to see what was going on.

Billy Allen had then slipped in through the back door of his family business, escaping the notice of his other family members who were now busy watching the commotion out on the street through the front window. He quietly grabbed up the rifle that they kept beneath the counter for security and headed upstairs. Looking down at the standoff on the street below, he assesses that the Earps and Holliday are now surrounded and outnumbered by the cowboys three-to-one.

Allen was pleased by this turn of events, as he harbored a grudge against Wyatt Earps because of an incident at the Oriental Saloon several months earlier. Wyatt had accused Allen of cheating at cards and then barred him from the establishment, much to the embarassment of the Allen family. “Hope you Earps all get killed,” Allen mutters. However, just when it looks like bullets are about to fly the woman in the green dress steps forward and tries to play peacemaker! “Not if I can help it,” Allen says to himself. He takes careful aim at Wyatt Earp and then pulls the trigger on his rifle.

Morgana’s speech is interrupted by the sound of a gun going off, following by an exclamation from Wyatt Earp as the bullet finds its mark. Holliday’s immediate reaction is to make sure that his shotgun is pointed directly at Ike Clanton’s head. The shotgun then fires.

*During the original Gunfight at the O.K. Corral one or two shots were fired at Wyatt Earp from outside of the alleyway. The identity of this “mystery gunman” was never determined, but the majority of historians and scholars believe that it was Billy Allen who was responsible.
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Silver Moon

Chapter 37, “Bringing things down a Notch”, October 26th, 1881, 3:15 P.M.

At the very instant that Morgana hears the gun go off she changes her dialogue in mid-sentence from her plea for peace to that of a spell incantation. Since she is facing directly towards the Earps and Holliday she casts the spell right in front of them. The casting time is fast, but not fast enough to prevent the initial bullet from striking Wyatt Earp in his left leg. The spell does takes effect simultaneous to Doc Holliday’s shotgun blast.

She had cast another Gather spell, which draws smaller items towards her. In this instance, the spell grabs all of the various pieces of buckshot as they exit the barrel of the shotgun. She not only pulls these pieces of metal towards her, but also modifies the spell for maximum visual effect. While slowing the movement of the metal through the air she sends send it swirling around in a corkscrew formation, creating a dark spiral that travels from the shotgun and her outstretched hand This commands the attention of all of the gunmen, stopping what was about to be a cascade of shots from all directions (and subsequently spoiling all of the DM’s fun).

Doc Holliday’s face turns red with anger over her interference, as he knows that his shot at Clanton would have been successful. (DM’s Note: It would have too, it rolled up as a fatal shot to the head, at which point all hell would have broken loose on the street.) “She’s using witchcraft again!” Ike yells out. Morgan Earp exclaims, “She’s a witch?”

Morgana now has their undivided attention, and she retorts, “I can do far worse than that.” With a dramatic gesture she flings the buckshot out onto the street in front of her as she states, “I could have sent this flying into any one of you. I’m through playing games here. Stop this foolishness….NOW!”

A long pause follows, broken when Wyatt tells Morgana, “Lady, you can call this situation whatever you want, but somebody shot me!” Only a small amount of blood shows on his torn pants leg, and he seems to have no difficulty standing, so she says, “It doesn’t appear to be very serious. I can heal you if you’d like.” “You’re not getting anywhere near me Witch Woman,” Wyatt replies.

Arcade speaks next saying, “That shot sounded more like a rifle than a revolver.” Everyone’s gaze turns to Frank McLaury, who is the only one in front of the Earps holding a rifle. Frank looks towards Virgil and with some desperation in his voice says, “It wasn’t me. This rifle is brand new and hasn’t been fired. You can check it.” Arcade states, “It wasn’t him, I would have seen him move. All of you would have too.” The Earps realize that is true, as they were watching Morgana when the shot went off. She was near Frank, so he was also directly in their field of vision.

Morgana says, “Maybe it would be a good idea if everyone put down all of your guns.” Virgil says, “Lady, I’m the town Marshal here. I’m supposed to have my gun out in a situation like this.” She says, “Okay, that’s fair, but that doesn’t apply to everybody else.” Ike says “I’m not lowering my gun until they do first.”

At this point in time three more armed gunmen arrive people enter Allen Street from Third. They are recognized as Sheriff Behan and Deputies Breckenridge and Dalton. All three are holding rifles, pointed towards the people before them. Morgana sarcastically comments, “Great, that’s all we need. More guns!” Arcade yells over to the Sheriff, “You took your sweet time getting here.” Behan replies, “I had to go gather my deputies. What’s going on here?” Arcade answers, “There was almost a shoot-out, but my gang has now been bringing things down a notch.”

Billy Clanton reiterates, “All we want to do is leave town.” “But nobody trusts anyone to lower their guns first,” Morgana states. Sheriff Behan hands his rifle to Deputy Breckenridge and walks forward. As he passes Johnny Ringo and his boys he gestures for them to lower their weapons, which they then do. Behan walks up beside Virgil Earp, at which point he removes his own revolver and points it up into the air, nodding for Virgil to do likewise. The Sheriff then says, “Looks like us law enforcement officers have everybody covered, why don’t all of you civilians lower your arms?”

Virgil instructs his brothers to holster their weapons, which they reluctantly do. Holliday takes a bit more verbal prodding to get him to lower the shotgun. Behan nods to Ringo and his friends and they now stow their weapons. Arcade and his gang are next, followed by the McLaureys and Billy Clanton. “You too Ike,” Behan states adding, “Your rifle and shotgun are waiting at Big Nose Kate’s. You can pick them up on your way out of town.” Clanton finally puts away his revolver, while never wavering his attention from the cold-as-ice gaze coming from Doc Holliday.

Tom McLaury and the Clantons climb up onto their horses and then ride east along Allen Street. Arcade walks over towards Morgana as Louie, Hank and Sam exit the O.K. Corral and join up with them. Deputies Breckenridge and Dalton manage to get Johnny Ringo and his friends to disperse. The Earps continue to watch as the Clantons and McLaureys stop briefly at the Grand Hotel and pick up their things, then ride on and out of Tombstone.

Once Ike Clanton is finally out of visual range Doc Holliday turns his attention towards Morgana, giving her an angry stare that would send shivers down the spine of most people. She chooses to just ignore him, but Arcade takes a keen interest in the renewed grip Holliday has on his shotgun and that his other hand is now slowly moving towards his gun holster. Virgil Earp has noticed this too and says, “Doc, why don’t you go have a look at my brother’s leg wound?” Wyatt states, “It hurts like hell.”

Morgan Earp assists his brother as they and Doc Holliday walk west back towards Wyatt’s home. Virgil holsters his weapon and accompanies them. Sheriff Behan gestures to his two deputies to discreetly follow them. As the Earps turn north onto Second Street Holliday Doc Holliday again glares back angrily at Arcade’s Gang. The Sheriff walks over to Arcade and says, “I think you’ve made enemies of Holliday and the Earps.” Louie adds, “And the Clantons, and the McLaureys, and just about every other armed person in town.”

Morgana tells the Sheriff, “We held up our end of the bargain, now you hold up yours. The Army stays out of the mountains.” “I’ll do what I can,” Behan states. Arcade interjects, “You’d better. We almost got killed here.” Louie comments, “And the next time these guys decide to kill each other you call somebody else.”

Silver Moon

Thanks to E.Gary Gygax for his suggestion of adding Johnny Behind-the-Duce to the storyline. Historical information about this man and why he felt an obligation to the Earps can be found at the following link: http://members.aol.com/margeebee/shortsty.htm

Chapter 38, “Ambush on Freemont Street”, October 26th, 1881, 3:30 P.M.

Sheriff Behan nods and walks away, heading back in the direction of the Tombstone Jail. “Now what?” Hank asks. “We get out of town before one of more of these groups decides to shoot us,” Arcade answers. “When does the next Stage leave for Promise City?” Louie asks. Hank replies, “It left a little over an hour ago. The next one won’t be until tomorrow afternoon.”
Hank says, “In that case, should we be standing right in the middle of the busiest Street in town?” Morgana says, “Actually, it is probably the safest place for us to be right now.”

Arcade suggests, “How about we buy some horses?” “And saddles, and barding? That would cost more money than we have with us right now, and we already have horses back in the other town.” Sam exclaims. Hank suggests, “Let’s just stay at the boarding house until tomorrow.” Arcade comments, “That may not be safe. They know we’re staying there.” Morgana says, “We could get a hotel room somewhere else. How about the Grand Hotel?” You’re forgetting that the owner is Doc Holliday’s gal,” Arcade mentions. Hank says, “How about the Bird Cage. Sam had a good time there.” Louie suggests that he ask some people in the Chinese Quarter to give them lodgings for the night.”

Arcade suggests, “We can decide later, let’s get back to the boarding house and pack.” They cautiously make their way the block back to Harwoods and each get packed up. They decide to have Hank stay in the most defensible room guarding the bags while the others go and secure lodgings. On their way out Sam comments that even the Stagecoach ride won’t be safe, that it could be ambushed. Arcade stops and asks Howard Harwood “Isn’t holding up a stage a Federal crime?” Harwood replies, “Only if it is carrying mail at the time.” Morgana suggests “Let’s head over to the Post Office and see if any mail will be on that stage.”

The Tombstone Postmaster says he doesn’t know yet. Morgana decides to confirm that some will be, by writing out and then posting a letter to the El Parador Cantina. Sam suggests that they check in with the Sheriff. He is not in his office at the Crystal Palace Saloon, so they head over to the Tombstone Jail. He isn’t there either, but Deputy Breckenridge is saying, “Behan is home sleeping. He was up all night with Ike Clanton trying to make him too tired to cause trouble today.” They express their concerns about their own safety and Breckenridge offers to help keep them from getting shot. They happily accept his offer, with Louie commenting that he’s already been shot up enough for one lifetime.

Breckenridge locks up the jailhouse and the five then begin to head over to a residence in the north part of town. Morgana has them stop at the tailor shop, where she drops off a copy she has written out of the “Gather” spell, telling Jacques “You may find this useful. They proceed on, and Breckenridge knocks on a door which Deputy Jeb Dalton opens the door. Dalton is informed that he is now on duty for the rest of the night. The five then wander over to the Occidental Saloon on Freemont Street for some supper.

Over the meal they talk about their experiences and Breckenridge is surprised to discover how inexperienced the fighters in Arcade’s Gang actually are, given the team’s reputation for having taken down Billy the Kid. Morgana reminds the Deputy, “Be serious, you were there that day. I didn’t even who I had killed until after you identified the body.” Breckenridge assures them that he has ample experience (5th level) to help guard them. He says he might even know a safe place a bit out of town for them to hole up for the night. Arcade suggest that they pick up their bags and get there soon, as it will be getting dark in another hour.

Breckenridge takes the lead heading down the street, with Arcade and Morgana walking behind him and Sam and Louie in the rear. They see the boarding house only two blocks away and make their way towards it. As soon as they all pass by an alleyway a fighter/rogue named Johnny Behind-the-duce slips out from the shadows and raises his high caliber rifle. He takes aim at the leader of Arcade’s Gang and fires.

The shot enters Arcade’s back just below the left shoulder and just misses the heart by around two inches, exiting through the upper chest and ripping open a major artery. Arcade staggers and throws his right hand up over the wound to stop the cascade of blood from the wound. Morgana’s immediate reaction is rush up to Arcade and cast a spell (stealing an idea from the Star Trek: The Next Generation western episode “A Fist Full of Datas”), tossing up a Shield spell to give some protection to herself and Arcade from further attacks.

Sam and Louie both pivot around in search of the gunman, spotting him in the alleyway and partially shielded by the side of the building. Both draw their revolvers. Up in front Deputy Breckenridge draws his gun and also looks back. With Breckenridge temporarily distracted, Doc Holliday steps out from behind the fence of the Freemont Street Corral and fires his shotgun point blank into the Deputy. Holliday had harbored a grudge against Breckenridge ever since the Deputy broke up a showdown between him and Johnny Ringo the past summer, and wasn’t going to let the man’s presence deter him from the ambush of Arcade’s Gang.

Breckenridge falls to the street in intense pain with a mortal wound to his abdomen, his innards spilling out onto the street. Arcade attempts to draw his gun and fire, but is overcome by the pain of his wound and the shot goes wild. The gun then falls from his hand, and Morgana has to grab him to keep Arcade from collapsing, while still maintaining her spell. Breckenridge also fires off his gun before passing out, the shot not even coming close. (DM’s Note: I rolled very well with both of my shots, successfully taking out the player’s two best gunmen in the very first round of battle. Luck, however, was about to now shift to the players.)

Holliday then unloads the second barrel of his shotgun at Morgana and Arcade as Johnny Behind-the-Duce fires his rifle point blank at Sam. The Shield spell only grants partial protection but is sufficient this time in deflecting the buckshot from Holliday’s hastily fired and poorly aimed shot. Sam’s attacker likewise misses as Sam and Louie both fire their guns simultaneously. Both of their shots hit perfectly, Sam’s striking Johnny right between the eyes while Louie’s enters the brain just above the left temple. Either one of the shots would have been instantly fatal and the body drops to the ground.

Sam pivots around in the direction of the shotgun blasts while Holliday drops his now empty shotgun and pulls his revolver from its holster. Sam lets off a shot in that direction, the bullet deflecting off of the wall of the brick building to Holliday’s right. Holliday aims and fires at Morgana, who is once again saved by the Shield spell as it would have otherwise struck her. The barely conscious Arcade attempts to cast a Heal Metal spell but is unable to. Meanwhile, Louie has charged forward to the body on the ground, first confirming that he is dead and then quickly checking the pockets for valuables.

Sam’s next shot is phenomenal, hitting Holliday squarely in the chest. Holliday drops his gun and falls backwards onto the ground, presumably dead. Sam and Morgana look around the area for more attackers, seeing none. A crowd begins to gather. Morgana cancels her spell and then casts a healing spell onto Arcade. It is not a very powerful one, but is enough to stop the bleeding and begin the natural healing process.

Arcade asks if she has any more healing. She tells him no, that most spells that she took this day were offensive rather than defensive. Arcade says that is what he did too, but that he has a single more powerful healing spell. She tells him to cast it on himself if he can. Instead, he staggers forward over to the body of Deputy Breckenridge, finding the man to be barely alive. Morgana comes to assist. They lie the Deputy down on his back, position his exposed parts back to where they belong, and Arcade then casts his spell. Several people in the crowd gasp in awe at seeing this. Arcade lies back barely conscious after that, the spell having used up all of his remaining vigor.

Big Nose Kate arrives on the scene and takes the dying Doc Holliday into her arms. A short while later they are joined by Tombstone’s primary physician, Doctor Elias L. Farnum. He checks Holliday and informs Kate that he has died. The doctor the helps the crowd lift Deputy Breckenridge onto a buckboard to bring back to his home. Arcade tells Farnum, “I did what I could for him, but it may not have been enough.” Franum replies, “He’s a tough one, he’ll pull through.”

Sam and Louie help Arcade up on his feet. Morgana eyes the crowd, not knowing who might be friend or foe, and questions the safety of remaining where they are. Arcade mutters, “Does anyone know what happened to Hank? They could have gotten to him first.” Arcade’s concern is soon alleviated, when Hank rides up to then in a wagon pulled by a pair of horses, the group’s bags sitting in the back of the wagon. “Hurry, get in, we’re going,” Hank exclaims. They all climb aboard and Hank rides them out of Tombstone as fast as the horses will go.

“Where’d this come from?” Arcade asks. Hank replies, “Sheriff Behan loaned it to us. He’s grateful for what you did for his Deputy, and thought we should get out of town before the Earps showed up. He said for us to just drop the horses and rig off with Deputy Hunter back in Promise City and let him return it to Tombstone. So, what exactly happened?” Louie exclaims, “We made two men go dead.” Arcade laughs and says, “Yeah, Sam got to have all of the fun on this trip. He got a girl and shot both of the bad guys.” “I shoot one too!” Louie proudly states.

Hank says, “This could mean more trouble for us. That Doc Holliday was pretty well known.” Sam comments, “The other one too. I heard some of the people calling him Johnny Behind-the-Duce. They said he was being held for murder when he escaped from the Tombstone Jail last Spring. Nobody had seen him again until today.” Louie asks, “Promise City safe place now?” Arcade comments, “Not sure. We need to go back and get our horses” Morgana exclaims, “And wait a few days until someone is fully healed!” Arcade nods, realizing he isn’t going to win that argument. Morgana then states, “I have an idea. There’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. Let’s go to Europe.”

In the weeks to follow, the newspapers around the world print several exaggerated and inaccurate accounts of the incidents that day, further adding to the legend of Arcade’s Gang. Morgana’s use of witchcraft at both the “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” and “Ambush on Freemont Street” now credit her with having tossed around both fireballs and lightning bolts. The three of the fatal shots that killed the two opponents are all credited to Sam, who the papers now dub “Sure-shot Sam”. Other papers refer to him as “Sammy the Kid” due to Arcade stating Sam’s age as 22 while he looks his actual age of 15.

A New York City publisher prints a totally fictitious unauthorized biography of Arcade, which quickly becomes a best seller. As he had a healing spell to save Breckenridge’s life, the author concludes that he was once a priest. The biography recounts how he was an altruistic Priest of the Roman Gods, who headed west along the Oregon Trail with his wife and children. His family was then attacked and killed by outlaws who left him for dead. The half-breed Indian witch woman Morgana found him and nursed him back to health. They then began his current quest of vengeance, first hunting down the killers of his family. He then dedicating his life to bringing his own form of justice to the world, picking up the other Gang members along the way.

The End (for now)
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Gary Gygax

Great stuff, and thanks for the mention. Fact is I have been a fan of Western history for many a year, mainly encouraged thus by my old friend Don Kaye.

Your hybrid campaign is so interesting that I am sure many a D&Der will give the genre a try...if they can find a copy of bOOT HILL, that is;)

I know I am ready to play some Wild West adventuring right now!


Silver Moon

Tallarn said:
*appluase and cheering* So, onwards to Europe? Who's famous in Europe around this time that they could go get involved with?
Thank you Tallarn,
I’m thrilled to say that I don’t know exactly what lies ahead in Europe, as I will not be the DM for that module. I’ll actually get to play for a change, my character being Qualtaqa, the Native American centaur from the first module. The DM (Arcade’s player) is planning to bring the group to Victorian England. I suspect that we may encounter several literary characters, as he is a fan of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic book series.

The campaign will then be picked up by Kriskrafts (Morgana’s player). She recently watched a History Channel program about Great Britain’s invasion and occupation of Egypt in the summer of 1882, and plans to use that as the backdrop. I have a collection of around two-dozen Egyptian priest and soldier miniatures for her to use with this. Her modules are always quite entertaining and different, and usually have both a historical and mythological basis, often taking place in a setting with a rather extreme climate.
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Silver Moon

Col_Pladoh said:
SilverMoon, Great stuff, and thanks for the mention. Fact is I have been a fan of Western history for many a year...I know I am ready to play some Wild West adventuring right now! Gary

Thank you very much Gary, although I really should be the one thanking you for co-creating both the Boot Hill and AD&D gaming systems in the first place. I appreciated your suggestions on the NPC's for this tale, it added to the game. I'll keep you apprised of future adventures of Arcade's Gang.

Silver Moon

I've calculated experience points, and most of the Gang have now enhanced their abilities (reached 3rd level) and are preparing for their next adventure. The next module is scheduled to begin in another week.
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Gary Gygax
Silver Moon said:
I've calculated experience points, and most of the Gang have now enhanced their abilities (reached 3rd level) and are preparing for their next adventure. The next module is scheduled to begin in another week.

Howdy Pilgrim!

Well that's right interesting. I'll sure want to read about the action...soon as I finish reading the last report on the D&D game taking place in the East, that it;)


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