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ZEITGEIST Tizbiz Zeitgeist Campaign

This detailed politicking is making me wish I could somehow devise, like, a video game version of the convocation, where all the members of the Obscurati are fleshed out with specific goals, and where there's a full roster of planes to use, and thorough rules for how they'd interact.

But then of course for the outcome to be meaningful, you'd have to actually be invested in the world, and have a chance to see the consequences . . . and that basically requires it to happen in the middle of a series of adventures.

(I never saw much Inuyasha, sadly.)

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Politics and Prayers

After the surprising Brave New world proposal, the discussion goes back and forth again. Bit by bit, another group begins to form around Dame Constance who seems to be keen on reaching yet another compromise with other factions. She, too, bases her idea on Miller's Pyre, but adds influences of the Panarchists and the Arboretum and calls it MAP.

In reaction to these plans, the seemingly smaller Colossus faction switches to Colossus Congress after a Risuri proposes that the powers of the “super heroes” shall be renewed every now and then by a Ritual of confirmation where at least half of the population would have to agree on refreshing the given powers. This way, it would be in the hands of the people to dismiss a possible abusive “protector”. We still don't believe that Colossus would make a good new world order, but that at least lessens the amount of harm that could be done by a single misled megalomaniac. Also, Livia stays in character and lauds the obvious influence of the Rites of Rulership.

Unfortunately, the Watchmaker's plan becomes worse by the debate as it seems like many Obs don't want to be subjected to mind control but don't mind keeping watch on those who are. The plan adds the creation of a demiplane for specific Obs officers who are tasked with watching the progress of the original plan on Lanjyr. This way, the Obs would be able to make adjustments in the planar plan should a threat arise. We call this a poorly disguised method of making sure that some privileged people with dubious backgrounds will live in comfort with their free will and with near omnipotence.

(One could easily make a dystopian novel or game out of this one... so many crazy ideas for stories and settings emerging from this adventure alone. And I'm not even talking about adventure 12)

After the official debate is ended, we take quite the time to court the head figures and potential allies of the MAP faction, as they seem close enough to our BNW. We easily gain the backing of the Aegis as our plan stressed out the importance of the planar barrier. Despite Carlyle's initial fear of what might happen if flight was reintroduced to our world, he supports Auryn's effort to appease the Sky League by explaining that yes, of course, Menhiru would allow for flight.

(Carlyle seems really terrified of the idea of Airships... Haffkrüger/Fordren/Gradiax on the other hand is thrilled even though that would mean that regular humans could soar the sky like dragons )

Then we meet up with several people who voted for Arboretum during the Straw vote and theorize that the healing powers of Ostea would likely have a positive effect on plant resistance and growth as well.

(Technically, a cut off leaf or veggie is just a wound waiting for a proper regeneration...)

Also, we try to sway the Arboretum followers by trying to explain what amount of maintenance their plan would require in order to prevent a total desertification of several areas. Regarding the original Pyre disciples, we explain that we're basically just using a slightly altered version of the original Miller's Pyre plan. We add that we're still open for changes regarding the planes of earth and death as well.

After a while, we get the feeling that we might be able to actually find a small majority during the next vote. Or at least a competitive result. The hour draws late and one by one the Obs switch to a more relaxed tone with drinks and relieved small-talk. We, too, order a round and withdraw to one of the cozy lounges to recapitulate the day's events.

After a couple of minutes, we realize that Amielle Latime seems to be the exception to this pattern as she stands (or rather floats) alone for a while before leaving the party. As we don't know how well she's able to handle what happened to her Watchmaker's plan, we decide to follow her stealthily and watch her.

It appears as if the ghostly lady is just tired of talking to the Obs and more interested in a casual conversation with the estate's guards. We guess that she's well acquainted with these guys as she is still a member of the Ghost Council. Amielle suggests a shooting competition among the guards where she emerges as the winner. She's a good sport though and orders a round of drinks for her “dear friends” which almost seems like a trick to gain the favor of the guards. We're a bit estranged as she of all would not be in need of friends or supporters, especially with the personnel. So we guess that there might be a reason for her to be nervous. Or maybe she's just not comfortable around the other Obs...

While being outside, we also spot several members of the Ghost Council who absorb Bleak Gate entities into their spiritual bodies to create more Ghost Conglomerates and get the feeling as if someone might have ordered to raise the security level once again.

We then return to our bedrooms to call it a day. But before she goes to sleep, Auryn takes the Humble Hook in her hands and tries to understand why that artifact would have chosen to come to her of all people. And then, before she even fully realizes what she's about to do, she utters a short, silent “prayer” to Triegenes:

“Triegenes, human who became god... I know it seems strange that, of all people on Lanjyr, an Eladrin like me is speaking to you. Trying to connect to you. But something that once belonged to you found its way into my hands on this very day. And I wish to understand what it could be that brought it to me. Because out there are thousands who praise your name, who have dedicated their entire life to you and your cause.

And yet here it is, this small hook, resting in my hands. And as strange as it may sound, since it found its way to me, I can hear the Song of Vekesh more clearly than ever before. As if he was trying to tell me to keep on walking down my path unerringly.

People worship you because you have shown them, demonstrated them the path to divinity. And some time ago, they must have believed that it was only them, only humans, who were meant, allowed to walk on that path. This was the time when they elevated themselves above 'others'.

I don't know what you are thinking about the wars waged between our two people. But if that hook had once been a part of you, if its essence and what it is sending out to me is something that you once felt or believed, then I know that you must feel deep sorrow. Sorrow, as your legacy, your deeds, your heroism, your sacrifice that delivered us from a tyranny, only led to more tyranny. That those who so strongly believe in you and your example almost killed another species, your neighbor in your name.

I don't know whether it is simply a case of late irony that your hook ended up with me. And I also don't know what your followers, your faithful disciples would say to that fact, what they would do to me if they knew who it was that is carrying their most holy relic right now. Maybe there will be a time when they understand. A day when I can reveal this secret. But right now, I am simply, selfishly grateful that it is with me. That it may very well be my guiding light in this darkness. So it may help me see what is right and what is wrong.

Maybe it is all in vain. I don't even know if you are able to hear me. Or whether it would mean anything to you that a child of Srasama is trying to talk to you. But I believe that you are a god of self-sacrifice, of selflessness and kindness. And I believe that you would wish for peace between our two people. No matter what the Clergy did to you and your teachings. And that is why I simply want to say thank you.”

(Now if Auryn was a proper crisillyiri Clergywoman, I'm pretty sure she would eventually have pulled a Luther after finding the Hook...)

Auryn doesn't receive a direct answer – nothing she had hoped for to be honest – but feels the same warmth and feeling of connection to the Hook she felt earlier when she picked it up. Then she goes to bed where she gets yet another impression from her new pendant: The same sense of sadness she felt before, but this time Macbannin's face appears in her mind, looking at her as if he's about to say his final goodbye. She tries to understand the messages and concludes that maybe the ex-mayor is just about to use his ancient witch magic to sacrifice himself in order to erase Vicemi Terio or whatever is the source of the Ghost Council's power.

After only a few hours of sleep, Leone/Grappa knocks at both our doors to inform us that he has been summoned to a secret meeting of the higher-ups among the Ob officers. We nod silently and stealthily follow Grappa to their meeting place so we may eavesdrop on whatever they may have to discuss.

From their voices we get that the people meeting there must be Leone, Nicodemus, Han Jierre and Cula Ravjahani. Nicodemus is the first one to raise his voice. He reports the recent movements of Borne through the Dreaming and concludes that the Colossus might be out to search for Kasvarina. He then states that, of course, the Obs deployed their own teams tasked with searching for the missing Matriarch, but explains that this won't be easy as she is veiled by the Obscurati's anti-divination ritual. Cula adds that this is very likely indeed and guesses that Asrabey (whom she appears to loathe) might be with the honored founder of the Vekeshi. And Asrabey has lastly been spotted in Elfaivar, so maybe her mentor might be close by.

Carlyle mentally curses Asrabey for this very obvious security gap as he might have requested more protection against divination in the Dreaming. But at least we now know where Kas might be, too.

The Obs guess that Kasvarina's memories might not have returned yet as she didn't put any effort into contacting them. Han Jierre calls this turns of events a bit unfortunate, but adds that for the next step, Kasvarina isn't really needed, so finding her isn't a priority. Nicodemus agrees, but we do get the strong sense that he's still drawn to her and won't give up on the Eladrin too soon.

They then discuss said next step, which includes bringing Borne back to our realm. They hint that they got a plan on how to achieve that and finish what they call “transplantation” which makes us fear that they do indeed plan to fill Nicodemus' spirit into the body of Borne.

During all this talks, Nicodemus casually reveals that he, Kasvarina and the Jierre family have been working on this Grand Design for over five centuries, so staying on schedule is crucial now. As their talk draws to the end, he dismisses the other officers and as Leone is about to leave, Nic pulls him aside and asks him for his leaning in the next round of votes. Grappa faithfully answers “Watchmakers” as this new version of the faction would definitely be something favored by Leone. And then, surprising us all, Nicodemus replies that it might be a good idea to vote for a “more wise” choice.

Andrew Moreton

I remember the discussion about scrying on Kasavarina as being a bit of an issue. Nic and Jierre should be able to defeat the Ob anti-scrying protocols , I believe I made sure that Athrylla was Mind blanking her so she was actually protected from scrying

Andrew Moreton

This detailed politicking is making me wish I could somehow devise, like, a video game version of the convocation, where all the members of the Obscurati are fleshed out with specific goals, and where there's a full roster of planes to use, and thorough rules for how they'd interact.

But then of course for the outcome to be meaningful, you'd have to actually be invested in the world, and have a chance to see the consequences . . . and that basically requires it to happen in the middle of a series of adventures.

(I never saw much Inuyasha, sadly.)
Just saw this and was reminded by picking up Life of Moonson , the convocation would work well as one of the very large convention LARPS, played over most of the day with a lot of players trying to achieve their character goals. It has the right sort of scheming and different characters trying to settle big questions.

As to the Mind blank I figured it was the same thing either the author had not decided on the Ob work around or forgot about it. My players though have the sort of minds who would have remembered when it came round in book 8 and I would have had to work hard to fix the issue without them coming up with a convoluted and possibly plot derailing conspiracy theory