To Dragonor, Dear Friend


First Post
The woman who approaches the message board bears a soft elegance, traced with an intentional sensual quality, and with a delicate hand, in a movement that somehow remains still so provocative in its simplicity, she pins a note to the board upon a rather small knife, ornate in appearance of wrought silver, the pommel set with many small sapphires, all cut perfectly. Upon that very pommel she drapes an amulet with a silver chain, the pendant the very same cameo she wears around her neck, a simple yet elegant circle of silver bearing the ivory profile of a woman.

To my dearest friend,

I promised this to you, and now it has been made. Have a care, and remember what its intent is. Remember its use. And I do hope it works the way I intended, my friend.

At the bottom, the note is signed with a flourish of movement, the only part visible the A at the beginning, followed by unintelligable scribble.

At last, the note having been penned, the beauty walks away, and leaves it there to hang.

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