Tomb of Gyzaengaxx from Luke Gygax

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Coming from Luke Gygax and Alphinius Goo is an adventure created as a tribute to D&D co-creater Gary Gygax. A boxed set, it includes books, poster maps, handouts, cards, and more, and encompasses both an adventure and a campaign setting.

The set is designed for various systems, including OSE (Old School Essentials), D&D 5E, and others.

The adventure itself is 60 pages, for 6th-8th level characters and tasks the PCs with discovering what happened to the long-missing archmage, 'Garold Gyzaengaxx' (no relation of course). The full set contains a 120-page setting book, a GM reference book, a 100-page lore book, and more.

Hear now of the horrendous, historic, and somewhat hilarious opening of the Tomb of Gyzaengaxx — what was once a keep where the great wizard, Garold Gyzaengaxx held sway. But some years past, Garold disappeared, and the keep became a place of much terrifying rumor. Indeed, many deadly monsters, puzzling traps, magical maladies, dark characters, and a most intriguing mystery may be found herein.

The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx is on Kickstarter now. The PDF version of the adventure comes in at $55, with the physical version at $65. The campaign setting is $135 digital or $150 physical. And for both, you're looking at $185 digital and $200 physical. There's also higher level pledges which come with autographed versions, and a seat at a convention game with the authors. It's not cheap, but you do get a ton of stuff. The Kickstarter has passed a quarter million dollars already with nearly a month left to go.

The set appears to be full of 'easter eggs' and nods to D&D's history, and even has NPCs based on various game creators--Ed Greenwood, Erol Otus, Tim Kask, Peter Adkison, and many more.

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Reeks of Jedi
More info:

I haven't seen anyone talk about this here yet. Luke Gygax and friends are doing a box set classic style adventure in honor of his dad, Gary G.

I can't find much info yet but I'm guessing when the Kickstarter begins in a day or 2 there will be a flood of it.

I am SUPER pleased to see it's not only 5E but also OSE. I wonder if they consider the power levels when doing the conversion or just 3 goblins is 3 goblins. You know, plus 5E increased access to recovering HP and status ailments etc. Anyone ever compare a 1E and 5E versions of other dungeons/adventures and noticed a difference in the play style?

Anyways, an honest to goodness box set like the days of old full lead by a Gygax. Can't wait!

Oh and Ed Greenwood is involved and has a new Bard NPC that sounds kind of like Volo, named Rirandral. He posted about it on his Facebook. And much like Elminster, looks a lot like him.



GooeyCube had an aggressive marketing person at their booth the last convention I attended - so much that I purposefully avoided their aisle on future passes through the exhibitor hall.
Just generally speaking - their products have a certain level of production that I don't need (especially considering the cost). Just going off memory ... "Here's an adventure. With all the tokens you need. And handouts - for anything that could possibly come up. And battlemats. And puzzle components. It covers one 1 level and costs what you'd want to spend on a mega-campaign adventure."
So, yeah, it's that sort of Beadle & Grimm style luxury product I'd never buy. Too much of a good thing gets in the way of running an adventure, if that makes sense.
Now that the Troll Lords have gotten the Gygax estate to resume releasing Gygax gaming products, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of this stuff, capitalizing on the name and legacy with premium products to entice us older gamers (with disposable income). The Trolls are already releasing something like an 8-volume Gygax library to this end. And it's probably not as good as half the stuff coming out from lesser known authors.


Reeks of Jedi
It’s up!

I’m a tad confused which option is the boxed set

Edit: I figured it out

Edit2: actually still confused. I think the 60 might be it or the 190
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Front Range Warlock
I'm cautiously optimistic. Cautiously for the reasons that Retreater mentions. To me, a lot of the Gooey Cube stuff is more style than substance and it usually isn't a cheap buy, either. Not as bad as Beedle & Grimm's stuff, but also not in line with the rest of the industry's pricing for stuff. You can grab a handful of DCC, Kobold Press adventures or even a full Kobold Press or WotC campaign for much less, even in full-color hardcover format.


I'm looking forward to it. I've been impressed with the quality that Gooey Cube provides and agree that is somewhere between 'basic' and 'Beedle and Grimm'. The adventures are well written, the support is great, and the art and add-on's are appreciated. With respect to this Kickstarter, I like the homage to Gary and the fact that a lot of luminaries will have cameos.

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