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Trailblazer and Star Wars D20?


Anyone done this or thought about doing this?
Can't say that I have. What parts of TB are you looking at incorporating into Star Wars?

I think the changes we made to the combat mechanics (attacks of opportunity, cover, firing into melee, combat maneuvers, etc) would be easy enough to incorporate since those are functional elements of d20.

I've looked at SW d20 but I don't recall exactly what they do with Action Points but I suppose you incorporate some of the the TB AP rules as well.

Might be a bit more difficult to "Trailblaze-ize" the SW classes though.


Iterative attacks is probably the biggie for me. Much like the rest of D20 characters get to levels where combat is a veritable slog :( Of course trying to match the SW classes to D&D core classes might prove a challenge also.