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4E Tropes of the Nentir Vale

Urriak Uruk

IDK why it keeps getting brought up as such: it's a small, generic locale that could be dropped into any setting, the default setting it's in, being a nameless generic setting, itself. It gets called "Nerath" or "Nentir Vale" or "PoLland" or "The Dawn War setting," and someone off-handedly tossed out an official proper noun at some point, but it's just not a developed, detailed setting, /at all/.

That was the point: no default setting.

Yet, ironically, there are those how love it, or hate it, as a setting. :🤷:
Not disagreeing at all, this is precisely why I don't like it. The lack of detail, development, and honestly originality (in my view) makes me always prefer other settings or homebrew worlds.


Arcadian Knight
Personally I was a big fan of the 4e cosmology and pantheon. I liked how vague it was but that there was a lot of tidbits to be found everywhere for you to build upon. Even power name hinted at varous traditions.
To those who like it the subtlety and freedom to paint it in your own fashion with an overarching / underlying connection to others who do the same is a feature ;) - its a skein upon which to weave homebrew worlds.