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OD&D Two D&D Related Projects: Greyhawk and D&D General History--Links

Just a few side quests over the past few months that I've been involved in; the links should be of specific interest to D&D Greyhawk fans as well as general interest to RPG fans of all stripes, especially D&D fans. -- RJK


Castle Greyhawk, the lost dungeon that kicked off Dungeons & Dragons, still inspires players today

Above: SYFY News Wire on Castle Greyhawk that I was interviewed for and contributed images to.

La Grande Aventure du jeu de rôle - Toute l’histoire, des origines à nos jours - Ynnis Editions

Above: By Ynnis Publication, France. I was interviewed for this and contributed many images and corresponding commentary.

The Great Adventure of Role Playing - The whole story, from its origins to the present day


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