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Here is the breakdown of creatures from D&D history that have not yet appeared in 3.X form somewhere in print or on the web, and links to all the threads listing unconverted critters. Note that if a creature appeared first in a setting specific book (e.g. Al-Qadim), but was then republished in a generic source (e.g. a Monstrous Annual) it is only listed in the latter list.

By setting/source
Greyhawk: 1
Polyhedron magazine: 1
Oriental Adventures: 4
Original D&D: 5
Dragonlance: 6
Generic 1st edition: 6
Forgotten Realms: 10
Mystara: 14
Ravenloft: 14
Planescape: 16
Birthright: 17
Dungeon magazine: 23
Spelljammer: 31
Generic 2nd edition: 96
Dragon magazine: 161

By type
Dragons: 1
Elementals: 3
Plants: 3
Vermin: 18
Undead: 20
Monstrous Humanoids: 22
Constructs: 39
Humanoids: 42
Aberrations: 43
Outsiders: 43
Magical Beasts: 75
Animals: 79
Other: 18 [size=-1](Hazards, Templates, Miscellaneous)[/size]

Total: [size=+2]406[/size]

Completed settings
Al-Qadim ([size=-1]Note: Some Al-Qadim creatures that were published as generic creatures remain unconverted.[/size])
Dark Sun

Completed sources

Completed types
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even at your current rate, it might take awhile. ;)

280 from white dwarf alone? geez! :)

563 from Dragon? well, i knew there were a lot, but i had no idea there were that many!


Shirokinukatsukami fan
I've just updated the figures to reflect the last round of conversions in the Vaults of Pandius and some of Garnfellow's White Dwarf conversions I'd missed.

Just 1965 left to go now...


Shirokinukatsukami fan
Updated to remove the latest bunch of CC creatures. Only 1939 creatures left now. (Which works out to about 7 conversions per day to get them all done before the 4E Monster Manual is released ;))

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