Unconverted Greyhawk creatures

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Just posted on the Creature Catalogue...

Special Bonus Greyhawk Creatures
Michael McKeown and Paul Looby have graciously granted permission to add several conversions originally intended for a Living Greyhawk Journal in Dragon Magazine.

The creatures include the bredthrall races of komazar, kurg, and rullhow; the psychic su-monkey; and the skeletal constructs known as the lesser and greater thassaloss.

Thanks again to Qstor for sharing these with us. :cool:


- Raven (Crow), Huge - Animal

IIRC there's a giant Raven in the FR Silver Marches book. I'm not sure if its Huge or Large.


Big Mac

FYI: Help requested on Canonfire! forum

I've already tried to recruit people for some of the other campaign settings with missing monsters. Somehow I forgot to do Canonfire!

Here is a link to my ENWorld "Unconverted Greyhawk creatures" project thread at Canonfire! I hope that a few people come over here and help out (or convert the monsters over there and let you know where to find them).

As I said over there, I don't normally post links to other forums (most mods don't like it), but I think it is in the interest of the Creature Catalogue project and the leading fan forums, to work together on monster conversions.

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