Unconverted Polyhedron creatures


BOZ said:
i was just thinking today that if we got the chance to do something Demonomicon-like for the DI, that he would be a fun one to tackle...

If you ever got the green light for something like that, drop me a line and I'll hook you up with the Polyhedron info. It's not a lot, but I love to see cool, obscure bits of D&D resurrected.

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Creature Cataloguer
same here, if you've read anything Shade and I have done for Dragon. ;)

i'm sure it will be awhile... so far as i know, WotC has yet to say anything about submissions for the DI.

most likely, i will post a thread in General RPG chat asking for sources when/if the time comes, but of course i won't say why i'm looking for them. :)

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