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D&D 5E Undead Apocalypse!


"Welcome to the end of the world," says Hyric, the Human Captain of Waterdeep's town guard. He looks up each 'adventurer' with distaste in his eye and a sneer on his lips. He honestly doesn't like any of you. Or at least, that's what you feel emanating from him.

"I say that because you're the only ones who we've got to help fix the problems we're facing. After all the campaigning for volunteers, we had to go through the jails to find suitable members, and even conscript a few of you. Anyone smart enough to keep from being chosen is still out in the city, instead of standing on this wall."

Which is where all of you are, standing on the wall that surrounds Waterdeep. You have a good view of the city behind you, a sprawling metropolis of tall buildings, though most have started to show some wear. In front of you, however, is vast, sprawling fields, most of which are swarming with undead monstrosities. These are mostly the mindless kind, roaming corpses intent on eating everything in their path, but there are a few other types as well. Undead Ogres and Giants, Skeletal Minions. They're all out there. They're all pissed. And they're all trying to attack the city.

Of course, none of them can get within five feet of the wall. But that doesn't stop them from trying.

"The city is in a bad place," Hyric said. "First, we're overcrowded from the refugees from all over the continent. They're packed in tight, with usually five or six to a room. They're getting restless, and disease is running rampant because of it. We need more space. Another city, if we can. One scout came back from the south, and says that Calimport has virtually no undead menace, but we've lost contact with that city altogether. If we could take the city, and build a reliable roadway, it would do wonders to give people breathing room.

"Second, there isn't enough food in the stores, and what Clerics we have aren't very powerful. The wizards hole themselves up in their towers, so they're no help. We can keep most of the population alive, but this has caused theft to be a daily practice. The forests to the east are still full of game. The undead seem to ignore them. There are also fields of farmland that way that is simply sitting there, waiting for someone to start planting. But...the undead are fairly concentrated there. They seem to be attracted to something in that area. More investigation is needed, and unfortunately that's all the information we have.

"Third, we aren't well enough equipped to fight off the hordes out there. Without new resources, our armor and weapons are breaking, with blacksmiths having to cannibalize steel from doorknobs. There are mines up north, namely Mithral hall, which had a stash of armor that would go a long way to protecting our men. There may even be weapons there we could use. We'd have an easier time clearing out these hordes around the city, and guarding any roadways we make, if we had that.

"Fourth, we can't travel at all. The hordes hound us if we leave the gates, and the undead pirates keep us away from the open seas. No matter how many times we sink their ships, they just keep coming, and we don't know where they're coming from. We need a small, fast ship to go looking for their port, and stop them. If we could use the seas, we could more easily travel to and from various locations.

"Lastly, there's the undead themselves. They're a constant bother. They can't get in the city, but a steady stream of them comes in from the north, somewhere around Icewind Dale. If they could be stopped, then everything becomes easier. Of course, the sheer volume of undead that comes from that mountain is mind boggling, but still.

"So those are your choices. Those are the things we need done. We can get you whatever equipment you believe you need to help you, within reason. Anything you find in the field is yours. Many of the magical items of legend have disappeared. We think that someone, or many someones, have been collecting them. If you find any, you're welcome to them.

"You will also earn rewards for each of these missions, if you complete them. Housing, wealth, whatever you need that we can spare. In the highly unlikely event that you complete all the missions, and it has the effect of bringing our civilization back from the brink, you will be very wealthy indeed."

He started laughing. It was a big, infectious laugh, as if that was the most absurd thing he'd ever heard.

"Let's be real, you aren't going to last your first mission, and we're going to have to find another group of idiots. Take some time to deliberate and decide what you're going to do. Let us know what you need."

He stood there, looking over the hordes, in case the group had any questions.

OOC: Pick a direction.

Mountains = Mines, with armor and possibly weapons to help thin the hordes and protect roadways. This makes leaving the city easier, as well as traveling between known strongholds. Infested with undead, and lots of underground traveling.

Forests = Food. Game and Farms. Will go a long way to helping the citizens not starve to death, and will lower the crime rate, generally making the city safer. Infested with Undead, and other things.

Desert = A whole city that hasn't been heard from in a decade, but apparently no zombie presence. No idea what awaits you there. Would give more room for the citizens to spread out, increasing comfort, general happiness, and reduces disease.

Seas = Enables travel via waterways to distant ports. Allows speedier travel throughout most of the world, and grants another point of access for food. Lots of undead pirates, lead by intelligent undead.

Icewind Dale = Where the vast majority of the undead are coming from. They just pour out of this hostile area. Stemming the flow will make everything easier, if it's possible.

You decide, then ask for what you think you'll need. Don't forget the need for rations. You can have a wagon with a couple horses, and each person can have a horse. You will need to break through the undead hordes just to get going, and you'll have to do that every time you come and go from the city.

Death is not the end. Make your choice.
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River Song

Doogie looks around at the others, a rather uninspiring bunch he thought to himself. Scratching the side of his bearded face he flicked "something" lodged there off the side of the wall.

He grinned at the captain, he was used to his kind. "Nice pep talk, love you too, Cap'n."

He turns to the others, "Well, I am Doogie a tracker, woodsman and a sailor by trade. I don't know about you but I am sick of being hungry all the time and I am pretty sure folk back there," he points back to the city, "are sick of it too. I suggest we go get some food for these people; it buys us time and from the look of it......" he left the last part unfinished.

He spits over the edge and smiles as it lands on the upturned face of a zombie.


First Post
"Oh, are we doing THIS part now?" a high, piping voice said from below eye level. Glancing down, one would see a young gnome woman with a ruff of singed blonde hair and round cheeks framing a wide grin. "You can call me BUNNY. And I...do...this..."

She snapped her fingers, speaking a couple of nonsense-sounding words. Down below, the zombie that Doogie spat on abruptly burst into flames.



Galahad is tall and thin, so thin in fact that the hastily procured chain shirt seems to hang loose in odd places about his frame. He carries a shield, mace and a handaxe and seems unused to all of them.

He seems intent to listen politely to Hyric at first but at the comment about the groups origins he started to raise his hand, and tried to speak. "But, I volun..." Then shrunk back as he drew the captain's gaze. After that, he nervously shuffled his feet as he listened to the monologue. He already knew all of this, of course, but others might not. After he was done, and people started to introduce themselves, he listened to each in turn, and then startled slightly as he realized that it was now his turn.

"Erhm... Yes... My name is Galahad. I... Er, I am but a humble servant of Oghma. I hope to discover the source of... Well, that isn't important for now, I guess... I hope to be of use to you all."

He seems uncomfortable speaking, and adjusts his spectacles several times through the course of his comments and as he does so, old ink stains reveal the young man's true vocation.

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Staring at the horde waiting for him, Tyco draw a smile when a zombie took a spit on his face. It fade quickly when Blackstaff's voice echoed in his mind: "Here are your mission orders: you will join a exploration team to find the source. Don't try to shutt it off yourself, others will deal with it. The information has more value than you. Don't play the hero, bring back the information."

The gaze lost to the endless horizon, he said without heart: "It is of little use to mop up the floor unless the tap is turned off. I vote for the Dale." It sounded like a the slogan.

Fulgrim stares at the hordes of undead as the Captain speaks. His purple eyes scan the writhing masses as his hand grips the handle of his weapon. Hyric's lack of faith in their abilities, though irksome, was understandable. So far all who went forth and attempted to fight the hordes eventually fell to their claws and teeth. Waterdeep was the last stronghold of civilization. If the city fell then Abeir-Toril was lost to undeath. Saving the living that took shelter behind these walls was the most important task.

As the others begin to talk and make introductions Fulgrim turns and looks over his new companions.

"Fulgrim Ironhide, Chosen of Silvanus. I agree with Doogie. The survivors here should be our first priority. Stemming the tide of undead will do little good if those inside the city die of starvation."

The paladin looks at the others seeing what they will say. He itched to head to the Dale and attack the source but knew the survivors in the city took priority. Fulgrim hoped the others saw the same priority as himself.


OOC: We have two votes for the forest, one for Icewind Dale, and two who have not decided. A few things:

1, this doesn't have to be a democracy. I'm not going to force your hands on anything. You decide where to go and how to determine it.

2, you might want to pick a leader. Many parties don't, and I think that's a mistake. It's always best if one person has the final say, but that choice, as well as who it would be, is up to you.

3, it is very likely there are threats in each area that are well above your CR. Them's the breaks.

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OOC: I'm all for a leader. Galahad isn't volunteering and has basically abstained from the decision of where to go.

Squirrels are evil!

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