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D&D 5E Undead Apocalypse!


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"We'll know if they return. I would really prefer to make it inside and close the door before most of them come. We must be wary of secret entrances, but in general, being in the fort is preferable. I can fly inside and try to open the door..." offers new member of the group, not enthusiastically, but offer nevertheless.

Amitiel looks up.
"I...WE...can blast these skeletons off the wall, but we need a way in."

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"I can try to open the gate when we'll get there.

But, the creepy guy is still inside by the way. I'm not a specialist but if it's some kind of vampire, we should be safe outside during daytime, shouldn't we?"



I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Perhaps we should just approach the gates and see what happens. I believe the term is Parley."

"You would talk with them? I thought diplomacy died along with 99% of humanoids. And besides, if we assume they are looking for us, we should have position of strength before staring the parley, not let ourselves be surrounded. I strongly disagree with any talks before the group is safe. Don't forget that the city depends on you...us...to deliver some food and the sailors are vulnerable should we fall here."
Amitiel looks at Galahad in surprise
"While it is admirable you're willing to risk your life for peace and Oghma teaches us that knowledge is power and right now we know nothing about our situation which makes us weak. While in the open, if we start to parley we can be surrounded by the enemy. If it is indeed such. Let's agree to try to capture one of the living from one of the groups instead of attacking the fort. But talking while others are still looking for us..."

Fulgrim nods at Amitiel's statement.

"Our new friend is correct. There is no talk. They want us dead and turned to one of their kind. We can only destroy them." Fulgrim pauses for a minute and looks towards the tower. "We must decide before they discover us. Do we attack the tower or go after the patrols?"


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"As I said, I can fly over and open the door. That way, even if we need to fight the skeletons, we can keep others outside. Unless there are other ways in. But everything here is risky and if we're inside the fort it is less relevant how many groups arrive."
Amitiel reminds them gently, but waits for their vote. He actually doesn't care about mortal affairs in this as long as they work against undead menace.
"But decide quickly."

OOC: Vote: we attack the fort or track various groups one by one?
My vote is the fort.


"I have already expressed an interest in dealing with the rovers first. Since we have decided to circumvent them, it seems prudent to continue on. Considering the lack of options provided I decided to offer one of my own. Do as you please and I shall assist in the best way I can."


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Amitiel patiently awaits the decision.

OOC: in other words, after we get tglassy description of the fort and the distances involved, we move


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: So...we playing? [MENTION=6855204]tglassy[/MENTION], lets chase after the rovers and start something, in my experience these kind of group decisions can paralyze the game, but once started it flows back again


I am in the process of moving for the next week. My wife got a new job as a Zookeeper in a city 2 1/2 hours away, and since I can do what I do anywhere, we are moving! Yay!

If I have time, I’ll try to put together a basic map and post it soon so y’all can decide what your doing and make some posts.

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