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D&D 5E Undead Apocalypse!


"They are after us, guys. It could be our chance to take out one of those werewolves while they are split up."

Ichtaca perception: [roll0]
Hide: [roll1]

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Itchtaca is able to follow one of the beasts as it searches, giving you it's precise location.

OOC: Chances are you'll all beat the Stealth Check, but I still want to see them all. The DC is fairly high for a normal group, though the Pass Without Trace makes it much easier. I won't be going into detail with maps or anything, I don't really have time to do that right now, so we'll keep directions and locations vague. Needless to say, you are about a mile from the fort, and it won't take long to get either there or to track down one of the beasts, if that's what you want to do.


Galahad whispers a prayer to Oghma to guide his steps as they move.

OOC: Guidance for fun and profit. Or maybe fun and 'jeeze!'

Not sure if I can, technically, but could Galahad basically use a casting for everyone to get the d4?

Stealth: 1d20+1d4+12 15[/ooc]


OOC: Sure! Everyone can add a D4!

Except for you. You Crit Failed. I use the DMG variant rule with Nat 1's for ability checks and saving throws. For me, a Nat 20 means you succeed if it is logically possible to succeed, and a Nat 1 means you fail regardless of modifiers. In fact, Modifiers are negated for either a Nat 1 or Nat 20, so in this case, your final score is a 1. For future reference, for saving throws, a Nat 1 is the equivalent of being critted on an attack, i.e. it does double damage if damage is done.

Don't feel bad. You'd have failed the check anyway. The DC is pretty high for a normal group without Pass Without Trace.

That said, I am taking a "Group Check", not an individual one, and two others rolled 29's (30 or more if they roll an extra d4). Which means the current Group Score is at least 30+30+1=61/3=20. So as long as the others (if anyone else is playing) roll even decently well, then you should be good. It would take some seriously bad rolls to fail this check. Also, the Companion needs to roll. And be introduced. I think he's ready to go on the OOC page, he just needs to be uploaded to the RG.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
[roll0] + [roll1] +10 = 34 - CRIT!

With his careful, gliding walk and nature and gods blessing, the angel walks with barely a whisper and he melts into broken shadows as if born to them.
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OOC: @Shayuri hasn't posted anything since April 20, but I'll give a little time for Bunny to roll. If we don't hear anything from Bunny, we'll move on.


The group manages to approach the fort unseen. The werewolf Ichtaca is following almost found them once, but thanks to the Familiar’s directions, they avoided detection.

Now, closer to the fort, everyone can see how old it is. It is a central building, three stories tall, and a wall around the perimeter. There are skeletons lining the wall, six of which can be seen, looking outward, searching for their foes. From what Ichtaca saw, three groups of four skeletons had been sent out along with the two werewolves, none of which have come back yet.

OOC: The werewolves are out and you know right where one is, thanks to Ichtaca. It is close enough that it can race back to the fort if needed and be there within a few rounds. You see six skeletons, but the gaunt man that Ichtaca saw with the two werewolves is nowhere to be seen.


Galahad looks at the fort, wondering if they can get in without alerting the 'guards' or not. "Once we're in, I can set a spell to warn me if the others arrive by our entryway. Assuming we can get in without having them fall upon us in the first place."

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