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D&D 5E Undead Apocalypse!


"One of them must be undead, I mean, to command the other undead at least.

Anyway, do you have any tips for this fight? What kind of tricks should we expect?"

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Maybe it is a vampire. And The Pack made a deal to not be killed and raised. Or maybe the vampire holds the females captive. Finally, maybe he is a necromancer that can control the undead and still living soul. Or a warlock with an undead pact." Amitiel shoots several theories in the air as he thinks about this area and its history [roll0].
"We should clear this castle if for no other reason but to weaken the master. But we cannot allow them to slow us down. If we can find suitable place to intercept them, we should talk to them. Maybe they are taking the supplies to the living and the undead are considered tools. Notice there aren't any free willed ones."
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"Perhaps but remember that lycanthropy is a curse that can twist the minds of men to evil. There is a good chance they work willingly for the scourge."

Fulgrim nods at Tycho's comment.

"That would be the best path."


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"If they are were-creatures and not some form of human-vampire spawn, you should beware the bites. They may carry the curse to others. But I still think we should talk to them. Maybe, just maybe, we can help those they are targeting or at the very least, not attack living survivors"
Amitiel starts toward the abandoned castle.
"Lets destry these undead and check the castle. It may be good staging point for us."

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