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D&D 5E Undead Apocalypse!


The map was of the general area, with a mark near the edge that appeared to be the fort. In the middle was a large forest, the edge of which is perhaps another day away, and in the middle stood what looked to be a castle. This castle was not on any of the maps you were given or perused before leaving, though the forest seems to be your destination.[/sblock]

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"Ok. So, we do we have?
First, a wagon full of supplies. Then we have a map of the region. All of this protected by 3 tough guys with good reflexes, I can tell.
They are looking for something or someone, somewhere between them and the forest, I think.

Next, there is something big in the forest, something like a castle. Maybe a bigger HQ. The head of the sneak for this area, I suppose. "
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The people in the building, which Galahad can identify as many being nothing but skeletons now that he knows what to look for, are mobilizing. One figure steps out of the shadows of the building, but the shadows seem to follow him. [/sblock]


"I see no reason not to visit this place, if for no other reason than to cleanse it of the undead. Perhaps we will even learn something useful in the process.

Galahad watched for a few more moments and then picked up his pack to move out once again.

After arriving in the cove Fulgrim performs a summoning ritual. After ten minutes of prayer a small rift opens to a verdant green forest. Through the rift steps a majestic black and white elk.

"It is good to see you again my friend. We have work of the Treefather to do."

The bull elk bows it's head and Fulgrim pats it's neck.

Fulgrim listens to the information provided and nods at some of the infomration.

"Perhaps it is a bigger fortress they wish to occupy. Or it is some stronghold of survivors they wish to destroy. Either way we must stop them."


Galahad glances down and notices Tycho's drawings next to his own. He stoops down, suddenly curious. After a moment, he can be heard speaking, mostly to himself. It was almost as if he was taking mental notes.

"Curious, they look almost feral... and the canines, perhaps some form of lycanthropy?"

OOC: Not sure if Arcana, Nature or Religion. But the result would be the same. [roll0]


OOC: That role’s high enough to get some good information.

[sblock=Galahad]From the tale Tycho tells of what his familiar saw, a form of Lycanthropy would make some sense, as there seemed to be an “Alpha” relationship between the leader and the other two, and they did mention a “Pack”. Werewolf would make the most sense, in this case.

But Lycanthropy rarely shows itself in the human form, so long canines are not normal. Judging from the gaunt face, Galahad would guess Vampire before he guessed Werewolf. Scar and Baldy didn’t have the canines, so it is possible they are Werewolves, though they treat the other like an Alpha, which is not how they would treat a Vampire Leader. While they might serve a Vampire, only another Werewolf would be the Alpha.



Galahad only imparts this information after a bit of gentle prodding. He seems distracted by his curiosity and the questions raised by these contradictory facts. "Perhaps this one is of the rare few, though I suspect there is more to it... The mention of 'unlife' is interesting in it's own right, as lycanthropes are not generally considered a form of undeath, so much as a curse upon the living.

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