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D&D 5E Undead Apocalypse!

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OOC: I think you spotted incoming threat.
One figure steps out of the shadows of the building, but the shadows seem to follow him.


Suddenly even Galahad was bored with watching the goings on. They had a mission to accomplish. He picked up his pack to sling it over his shoulder when a metallic object suddenly tore through a tent in the bag. It had been damaged in the fighting, though nobody had noticed. Galahad picked up the platinum bracelet with it's sapphire setting. Studying it for a moment, he suddenly smiled and slipped it onto his wrist. Then, he spent a minute, concentrating on the hole in his bag, he was moving the bejeweled hand about and speaking in an arcane tongue as the fabric began to knit itself back together. As he cast this spell, the gem gleamed with an azure light of it's own.

Satisfied with his work, the priest smiled and donned his back before turning back to the others. "Fascinating... Well, shall we?"

He took one last look at the fort, before setting out with the group.


OOC: Im still confused as to what you are doing. Are you approaching the fort? Are you being stealthy? Are you announcing yourselves to them? Are you trying to get closer to get more information?

Galahad needs to roll an insight roll.


OOC: Insight: [roll0]

I figured we'd 'try' to sneak up and ambush their caravan. Not sure how stealthy we can be, Galahad isn't trained, but he 'could' be if we decided it was worth wasting a channel on it.


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OOC: I understand that the caravan is on the way. My started action is to approach the fort. Didn't say anything about announcing ourselves. We are in enemy territory and with undead close by. So to be explicit :

Amitiel waited for a moment to see the group move, but as they hesitate he shrug and keeps moving toward the fort keeping to the protection of trees and other available cover. He is not silent like trained ranger can be, but lifetimes in libraries tendencija to make one careful where he steps.

Ooc: again, this assumes we let the caravan go. If we attack here, they have fort support. If we will confront th em we should do it further away


As you approach the Fort, Ichtaca flies closer to get a better look at what is going on, while staying far enough away not to get caught this time.

The wagon is not being packed to leave. Instead, what it appears is happening is small groups of skeletons are being armed and mobilized and sent off in various directions. Two large, wolf-like beasts bolted from two separate sides of the fort, heading into the underbrush and disappearing from sight. (Ichtaca can follow one of them if he makes a Perception check that beats a [roll0] stealth roll for one or a [roll1] stealth roll for the other.)

OOC: Galahad's Insight Roll: They're setting up a search pattern. They're likely looking for you.

Fulgrim calls on his dao heritage and the earth shifts and moves as everyone walks muffling footsteps and erasing any tracks.

"That should help our approach. We should wait for the bulk to move out then take the fort. When they return we can either confront or ambush them when they return."

OOC: Using My Merge with Stone racial feature to cast Pass without Trace. Everyone gets a +10 to Stealth Checks.


OOC: Group stealth check! Thank you, Fulgrim, for providing an easy +10!



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