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The jungle has becomed something like a lightning storm, when Jagra and Ureos shoot thunder at each other, with little real effect beyond igniting the vegetation. The fighting part of the group works a lot better: invigorated again by Amirás spells, they surround and kill a cyclops in seconds, who crumbles under the weight of several bloody cuts. Al-Khazad steps ahead and throws a dagger at another cyclops that sinks in his face, dangerously near it´s only eye. That´s like a signal: a roar echoes in the jungle, and almost simultaneously Akeeta jumps on the cyclops back. He proves to be an experienced fighter, and stops her charge with a good place blow and then starts to pummer her with his two axes. Menghil takes another axe in is back.

[Jagra shoots his lightning bolt, hitting Ureos and burning the web that held him. The lighning continues and damages Cyclops #6. Ureos makes his save (natural 20, 10 damage), but the unaware cyclops don´t (20 damage)

Amira casts Haste. With the aid of the increased movement, Menghil tumbles behind #7 and attacks, scoring a good hit (26 damage). Shin´nairo finishes him.

Since Al-Khazad doesn´t have the Quick Draw feat, he can´t use iterative attacks with thrown weapons. He moves forward and throws a dagger at #3, hitting despite the vegetation´s cover (12 damage)

Akeeta appears, suffers an AoO (6 damage) and falls on #3´s back, hitting with one claw (13 damage)

Ureos shoots another lightning bolt at Jagra, who makes his save this time (evasion, 0 damage)
The three trapped cyclopses can´t move. #2 throws a hand axe at Menghil (8 damage) while #3 attacks Akeeta (rolled really well: three hits, one critical, total 39 damage thanks to favored enemy bonus.)

Pesetokos and one cyclops fight.

Status: Jagra 26/53, Shin´nairo 59/70, Menghil 75/83, Akeeta 13/58. Everyone but Akeeta is Hasted, Menghil is raging, Amira has Mage armor active.]


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(Ureos is the red ball. It was the same the last battle, and was the guy that shoot the lightning bolt the last round; I believed it was clear enough, so I´ll correct that the next maps. Cyclops #2 (sky blue ball) is 15 feet north of Menghil. He moved there just after Ureos cast his second LB, so he wasn´t afected by any of them)
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Jagra smiles wickedly at both Ureos and at the giant bearing down upon him as he winks out of sight.

OOC: cast invisibility, drink potion of CLW, and then move due north 20'


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Amira joins the contest of lightining bolts and directs a bolt of her own at Ureos (It might hit also #2 and #5). Then she moves behind the others to avoid melee.

(OOC: 7d6 dam, Ref DC 19. Move 20' south.)
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Menghil, hp 75/83, ac 20 (+4 v giants), rage 2/6

Menghil ignores the axe in his back and darts towards the cyclops next to him, Amira's spell making his blade flash back and forth at an incredible speed as he swings again and again at the one eyed warrior that the capn's woman battled.

[ooc - full attack +18/+18/+13, 1d6+11 dmg, +3d6 sneak attack.]


The display of magic and steel continues. Menghil finishes one cyclops with a brutal slash from his blade. The falling giant allows Akeeta to fall back and lick her wounds. A dagger sinks in one of the cyclopses´ body, and Shin´nairo charges the distracted foe, but trips on a root and almost falls, giving her target time enough to pummer her with the axe´s handle, and then three glowing darts hit her in the chest. Amira counters the spell with a lightning bolt of her own that burns it´s path through the jungle and the bodies of two giants.

[Menghil move 5 feet south and attacks the cyclops, killing it with the first (critical) hit.

Being #3 dead, Al-Khazad throws another dagger to #2, dealing 12 damage

Amira shoots another ligthning bolt that hits Ureos and cyclops #3, and freeing him from the Web as well. Damage is (lots of 6s!) 31; Ureos is lucky, but the cyclops is not.

Akeeta fast heals 2 and backs up a little.

Jagra casts Invisibility and draws a healing potion (note that you can´t cast and drink in the same round)

Shin´nairo goes for cyclops #2, and fails (nat 1). The giant counterattacks, and gets only one hit (counting the attack of opportunity) Damage is 11.

#4 frees himself from the web. The now free #5 advances and throws an axe at Shin´nairo, but fails again.

Frustrated by the lack of success of his lighning bolts, Ureos changes to empowered Magic Missiles this time, wounding Shin´nairo (18 damage).

Status: Jagra 26/53, Shin´nairo 30/70, Menghil 75/83, Akeeta 15/58. Everyone but Akeeta is Hasted, Menghil is raging, Amira has Mage armor active, and Jagra is Invisible.]


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