Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana Presents The Cleric's Order Domain

1) I'm glad those archetype designs appear on UA, most of them are wildly exotic and the concept behind them is real interesting.
2) This domain is probably one of the first cleric domain to actually interests me. I love the cleric class chassis, but most of the domain dont inspire me much (maybe the knowledge domain, but since I play with a bunch of murderhobbos, the features are useless). Order Domain may be the one that convinces me to play one.


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This month's Unearthed Arcana, from WotC's Jeremy Crawford and Mike Mearls, presents a new cleric domain for playtesting: the Order Domain. "The Order domain represents discipline, as well as service to a society or an institution, whether that service is rendered in obedience to or enforcement of the law—civil, religious, or both. Gods on many worlds grant access to this domain, including Bane, Tyr, Majere, Erathis, Pholtus, Wee Jas, Aureon, Maglubiyet, Nuada, Athena, Anubis, Forseti, and Asmodeus."



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I was just thinking of responding to one of the war cleric complaint threads that they should have made the war domain into a more warlordy concept, and now I don't have to.

The one thing I would change is to make the extra damage psychic instead of force--get a better "imposing order" vibe.


Possibly a Idiot.
Order Domain.
Because you are The Law. However, it's strangely reminiscent of a Warlord.

Heroism not too useful as a low level buff.
Slow is nice.
Compulsion is a good way to generate lots of OAs.
Dominate Person Is another good way to turn the tides of battle in your parties favor.

Bonus Proficiency
Another Heavy Armor Cleric, because why not right?
Really should have gone the spellcaster route to differentiate it more from the various flavors of Paladin we have lying around. Or maybe even gear them into using bows, because the Law has a Long Arm. Yes I know the classes are different mechanically, but they should also look different and be in different positions of the parties formation.

Voice of Authority
Hot off the discussions of Warlording, here is a way to Buff your ally and make them attack at the same time. I believe this also works if you cast a spell on yourself, which could be really useful at lower levels in order to get the maximum efficiency out of your turn (Something an Order Cleric would be into on the RP side of things, one would assume), by doing an attack->Healing word-> Reaction Attack combo.

Channel Divinity: Order’s Demand
Damn. This has combat uses, obviously. But it really shines in social encounters against mobs of people. Really powerful for it's low level access and cost.

Order’s Dominion
This is the other thing that Diviners are good at. Clerics don't get access to a lot of enchantment spells. Way less than the number of spells Diviners can trigger with this, and nothing above 5th level. I don't really care for it on this subclass. Orders Judgement (the ability from the stream) was more interesting, and fun. Even if it was "Warlordesque"

Divine Strike
Because it's a warrior-priest. Meh. Force damage is interesting at least. I still contend it should be a caster-cleric, or maybe a bow-cleric.

Order’s Wrath
Mob Justice in it's final form. All your allies get bonus damage whenever you deal your Divine Strike damage to a target. This is quite different than what most clerics get, and I rather like it, even if I don't like the triggering ability.

Closing thoughts:
I'll say it again: This subclass should not be a Heavy Armor Cleric. To begin with, this subclass seems more interesting in displaying force than resisting it. And secondly, we already have quite a few subclasses who lead from the front, and this could be the perfect opportunity to introduce the kind of character who leads from the back.
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Spam either Hold Person or Command (flee or grovel) in a 2nd level slot.
Then use your free 1st level slot to cast healing word and grant an attack.

Seems both OP and boring to me.


What a strange thing - the Order Cleric's greatest ally is the rogue. You'll spend all your time spamming the rogue to attack. You might just spam Heroism and bless every turn to turn your slots into those extra reaction attacks for your GWF allies...


Monster Manager
I like the concept, not sure about the execution. Something feels missing, but I can't point my finger to it. Perhaps because it's too focused on just manipulating others? I have to think about it more.

Begs a question though: most UA downloads relate to an adventure and/or setting to come. What does this offering foreshadow? What setting asks for clerics to be able to have access to a Domain of Order?



Spam either Hold Person or Command (flee or grovel) in a 2nd level slot.
Then use your free 1st level slot to cast healing word and grant an attack.

Seems both OP and boring to me.

That doesn't work in the same round. You cannot cast bonus action spells with anything other than a cantrip. So, you could do Healing Word to grant the attack, after you dropped, say, a Sacred Flame. Or, as a nice combo, Healing Word plus Toll the Dead.

But, no, your combo doesn't work.

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