Unpopular Geek Media Opinions


1. Dumb Thor is the worst. Thor in the first film and the Avengers was fun but still an actual character. After that, he became a caricature. I hate it.

2. Dune (the novel) is overrated. It is not bad, per se, but it isn't some shining example of elevated storytelling. it is a space opera version of Lawrence of Arabia.

3. As bad as the shows often were, the CW presented the most true to form live action adaptations of DC heroes ever.

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Blue Orange

Gone to Texas
I liked the second and third Star Wars prequels. Anakin's turn to the dark side is pretty well portrayed. And what's wrong with using the Force to cut fruit to impress someone--you seriously think people wouldn't do that? I'm sure wizards would use cantrips that way all the time.


Superhero movies were a waste of resources.

Imagine what we could have gotten instead for all that money and labor.

Star Wars should have ended in 2006 at the latest. It would be a better series as a whole if anything after that had never been made.

Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
1. Buffy Season 6 is the one of the two best seasons of Buffy.

2. Firefly is ... fine.

3. Legion is the best Marvel superhero show ever made.

4. She Ra and the Princesses of Power is, um, lit. And is easily one of the best Netflix animated offerings. Yeah, it's as good as Castlevania, and it doesn't need "adult themes" to get there, either.

5. It was great that they killed off Glenn in The Walking Dead, because it freed up Steven Yeun to be in things that are good.

6. Rings of Power is neither a betrayal of Tolkien, nor good TV. It just kinda ... is. It deserves neither the scorn nor the spirited defenses.


I mean, you're not wrong. But it did have a few good episodes in there. It just had a LOT of terrible episodes.

How about this-

The first two seasons of Strange New Worlds are the best first two seasons of any Star Trek since TOS.

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