Unsolicited Duck Pic


Before my puter crashed last year, I had tons of duck pics...
I just recently found most of the old memory cards for my camera, so now all my pics are completely disorganized again, but here's a duck shot or two for ya...
Most of my duck pics are basically just snapshots - my really good pics are mainly other stuff like ospreys, egrets and other larger shore birds.

There's a local shopping plaza/tourist thing in Mystic, CT called Mystic Village - it's designed in the set-up of an old-tyme New England village, but all the buildings are small shops instead of houses. There's a small "town green" area in the middle that has a pump-handle water fountain, a small water wheel and a duck pond.
The ducks are free to roam the whole area, so it's not unusual to see them wandering around anywhere in the entire place - I once saw one follow its nose into the general store and waddle around for a bit checking out the freshly-roasted nuts and homemade fudge.



If you ever happen to be in Mystic, CT, you should definitely check out Mystic Village - in addition to a fine silversmith (that also sells scrimshaw) and a vintage record/clothing shop, there's a store that sells Scandinavian merch (including various foods), the Irish merch shop where I buy my hats, an Asian imports store, an arthouse movie theatre, a candy store, a chocolate shop that sells fresh-made chocolate-covered frozen bananas, an ice cream shop, a bake shop, and several general store/tourist trinket places that collectively do fried dough, fried mozzarella, funnel cakes, fresh popcorn and several varieties of fresh roasted nuts, and a snack bar that does "real" food like burgers and fried clams.

It's one of those places where you can literally spend more than half a day walking around and eating stuff. It is definitely dangerous to your wallet's health as well as your own, lol.

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It's fake - you can see there's nothing applying downward pressure to the feathers. Visually, the cat appears to be floating about half an inch or more above the surface of the feathers.
Also, look at where the cat is placed - at least 60-70% its body mass is located to one side of the midline of the bird. Which means that the physics of the cat's pose and the shape of the bird's back don't work. The bird's back is curved, so unless the cat is dead center on the midline of it, it would need to lean heavily toward the opposite side to counterbalance itself, assuming it wouldn't just fall completely off.
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Found an interesting walking track today going to a park.

Had the two large birds fly in right in front of us. They enthusiastically started washing themselves in front of us.


Then they flew up on top of the boulder trap for a dry off.


Turns out they're paradise ducks. NZ native only found here. They were quite large.

Paradise duck / pūtakitaki / pūtangitangi

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I learned nerd for this.
Not ducks but I hope it counts. Zoom in for babies. They blend in with the background. I took this nearly a year ago. They were crossing the street. By the time I got close enough they were off the street.




This is a fantail a native to NZ. They evolved with no humans and aren't very scared of you.

On a bushwalk or forested park they flit around you sometimes if your passing disturbs the insects. Free food for them.

This one was checking out my father in law. On Monday at the park one landed about a metre away in a tree and checked me out.


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