Unsolicited Duck Pic


If you clicked on this you have a dirty mind.


Sorry day 20 lockdown. Found these last year, momma duck let me get fairly close she just kept an eye on me.

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Staff member
No pix, but a pair of stories:

1) There’s a local Turkish place located in a strip mall on the shores of a canal. There are ducks in the canal, and peopla have been known to feed them pita scraps, Apparently, some of the ducks REALLY like pita, because I was sitting in there one day right at the end of lunch service, and there’s tapping on the glass front door. It is a duck. It taps again, looking through the door, scanning the interior. One of the owners goes out with a small ramekin of shredded pita and tosses the content to the duck, who eats it and then waddles off. As the owner heads back to the kitchen, she looks at me watching the whole things just says, “Like clockwork!”

2) Same place, different day, as I’m walking out, I see an asian granny with her little granddaughter on the sidewalk. They are feeding the ducks from little ziplock sandwich bags. Grandmother is tossing the food TO the ducks. The granddaughter, though, is throwing handfuls AT the ducks like fastballs, pelting them with the food. Whatever it was, it wasn’t very heavy, because they flinched but did not flee.

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