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Unusual Food Thread


Went out for a Sunday breakfast with family. Post election celebration of sorts.


Buttermilk chicken bacon waffles with maple syrup and an added kransky. Would eat again.


Wife's egg benedict


Brother in law's breakfast hot dog, kransky plus egg and whatever.

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Type of sausage. Google gave me this.

Tastier than our somewhat bland sausages but very salty so can't eat it a lot.

It's kinda new to me tried it last year for the first time.

I liked it well enough but I'm not a massive sausage fan and don't eat them a lot.

Probably pork. I'll eat pork but generally don't crave it.

I wanted one of the kransky meals with extra waffles but that wasn't an option so I went for the waffles with a kransky added.
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NZ hotdogs, chips, spring roll and deep fried cheese roll.

What's a spring roll? Regional thing in the bottom half of the South Island. Basically bread with cheese and onion plus lots of variants rolled up and you grill them.

One of the local fish and chip shops has carried it to the next level, battered and deep fried them.

They're the two things top of the photo. I didn't buy this, about $10 USD for a deep fried heart attack.

Recipe for cheese rolls.

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When I was a kid in the mid-1970s, we lived in Stuttgart, Germany for 3 years. There wasn’t a lot of American food available off base, and ethnic (non-European) food was similarly scarce. Eventually, we found a Chknese place near the square where they held the Christkindlmarkt every year. And they had somethkng on their menu I have never seen anywhere else: a giant spring roll.

I mean, comparable in size to a chimichanga, stuffed with sprouts, cabbage, pork, onions, etc., and fried. A complete dinner. I can only guess it was a specialty of that particular place, because no other Chinese person I’ve asked about it knew what the hell I was talking about. Who knows? Maybe it was something they came up with to satisfy the local Germans, kind of like how Chinese cuisine gets Americanized here.


Half cut tonight. Long weekend ordered Dominos pizza.

Cheesy garlic scrolls.


And Mr Wedge Pizza. According to American friends putting potato wedges on pizza is weird.


Wedges, mayo, cheese, pepperoni, ham, bbq sauce.

The chicken bacon bbq pizza pretty average.


Had an interesting burger today. Instead of bread they used a sugary donut. In it was supposed to be pickled red onions (didn't really notice them), cheddar cheese, bacon and red chili. I replaced the bacon with jalapenos instead.


Today I learned that NZ and US chip dip varies. We use reduced cream they use sour cream.

Reduced cream basically only in Aussie and NZ.

Sour cream used on corn chips, wedges maybe fries. On potato wedges you might put sweet chilli sauce, sour cream, bacon and cheese/cheese sauce.

Team USA won.

Halloween Horror For 5E