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Using augmented reality apps for a game session

Nick Phoenix

Last year I ran a campaign where a magical "magnifying glass" was found. Looking through it exposed phase shifted items and clues. It was like a spoof of Pokemon Go.

I just found an app called Wallame. With it, I can take a photo of a surface an assign GPS location data. I can type a message, draw a picture, or attach a photo to that surface. Then when someone reproduces that surface scene in their cell phone camera they can view the message.

I plan on trying it out this year. The interface takes a little away from imersive play, I was hoping someone out there may have come across a similar AR app and would share their opinions and experience.


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I don't think I would use it for D&D but for a Cyberpunk/Modern campaign it might be interesting. But from what I can see it needs you to go to physical locations, so not much use for your normal tabletop game, would work well with a modern or futuristic LARP.

Isn't something like https://zap.works more suitable for tabletop play? Personal account allows for 5 free experiences, and then £1.20 each additional one (about the price of a birthday card so not bad).
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I've been playing an escape room scenario that made use of augmented reality. I could totally see it being put to good use in an RPG session, as well. I haven't looked into apps supporting it, yet, though.

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