D&D General Augmented Reality App Mirrorscape Launches On Mobile

Download it now for free and enjoy a 3D virtual environment on your home table!


Mirrorscape, the augmented reality virtual tabletop, has launched for free as an open beta on iOS and Android devices. Using Mirrorscape you can create a virtual tabletop, compete with scenery and miniatures, on your empty table or floor. The open beta gives free access to the platform's range of terrain, dice, and miniatures.

At present, Mirrorscape supports Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Starfinder, and it's designed to be modular and allow support of a wide range of TTRPGs. The modular miniatures and terrain comes from companies Hero Forge, Dwarves Forge, Reaper, and Norse Foundry, and the platform has recently adopted the new Open RPG Creative (ORC) license. Amongst its team, Mirrorscape includes actor and D&D superfan Joe Manganiello.

Eventually, the platform will be compatible with AR headsets and glasses. You can download it for free on iOS or Android.


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I’m intrigued by this, but just to echo what others have said, it’s currently kind of a novelty and this is just an iterative step towards some truly cool tools in the future. (I maintain that the ultimate endpoint/Holy Grail for TTRPG integration is something like Star Trek’s holodeck, but obviously that’s a ways out yet.)

This looks like it could quite interesting to use but I have a concern. Eventually they are going to need to monetize this and unless we're going to have ads popping up in the middle of our gaming sessions, they're probably going to monetize it by selling the components (virtual walls, virtual statues, virtual spiked pits, etc.). Honestly, I'm becoming fatigued with spending money for things I can't touch (music, movies, books on Kindle, books on D&D Beyond, books on Fantasy Grounds, etc.). We are quickly heading toward a cliff where we are at the mercy of corporations to continue having access to the things we have spent our hard-earned money on.

I hear ya, and have some similar feelings. I don’t object to cool new tools if they expand the experience, but at some point I may say “No thanks, I just want to play at a table with my friends with dice and paper.” I’m not interested in subscriptions just to play an analogue hobby.

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A suffusion of yellow
This is cool, but I'll wait a couple of years until the glasses are easy to get and the tech has advanced enough to be actually cool (or else a dud).

Its still not Dejarik

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