D&D General ARcana -- Augmented TTRPG Platform from Actor Joe Manganiello

Mirrorscape, an augmented reality company which includes actor Joe Manganellio as Creative Director, is a way to view your game's tabletop in AR through a phone or tablet device. It's on Kickstarter now with a planned release at the end of this year.

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 3.11.11 PM.png

The platform works as an iOS or Android app, and enables you to simulate a full tabletop with models, scenery, and miniatures, anywhere you have a flat surface.

You can purchase additional terrain or miniatures from Mirrorscape's partners, which include Dwaven Forge, Reaper Minis, Hero Forge, and Fat Dragon Games.

If you pledge $30 (or more) in the Kickstarter you get a starter set and a discount on terrain and mini packs; and at higher levels you get beta access (staring at $50) and Kickstarter exclusives.


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Michael Linke

For me, this stuff will all kick in when its integrated into glasses. Holding up a phone or tablet is a little too awkward for my taste, but it's a step along the road. I imagine that AR glasses will become mainstream in the next few years.
Every time someone talks about AR glasses, I remember living in NYC during the Google Glass beta, and all the stories of testers being assaulted in public by people paranoid that the high tech glasses were invading their privacy (but everyone's cellphone wasn't).


Moderator Emeritus
I have mixed feeling about this. A lot will hinge on how easy it is to create terrain and maps and how it integrates with other tools.
I could be wrong, but the description makes it seem like you will have to buy (digital) pieces to make use of rather than just be able to make whatever - which makes me wary because I am not into paying for digital stuff I could lose or can only use in some proprietary app.
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Cute. But IME I have found simple is better.
Fancy tech is certainly useful for those with the time, inclination and for those that do distance playing, which I imagine is a growing group. But for my in-person games I tend to shy away from all these new gimmicks.
In-person, analog is my preferred approach - wet/dry erase hex mapboard, markers, tokens or minis - done.

Even in the virtual space, having used FG heavily for several years, we've moved to Owlbear Rodeo (rolls dice, simple maps, tokens) and are enjoying it a lot more.

Glad these are out there for folks who want them.

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