Valiant Adventures Superhero TTRPG Coming From Green Ronin

Mutants & Masterminds powered standalone game coming to Kickstarter in January.


Green Ronin has announced that it's Mutants & Masterminds-powered superhero RPG, Valiant Adventures, will be hitting Kickstarter on January 16th.

The game was originally announced in April 2023, and will be a standalone RPG based on the Valiant comic book universe, which features characters such as X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbinger, Shadowman, and Archer & Armstrong. The initial launch will include three books--Valiant Adventures Hero’s Handbook, Gamemaster’s Kit, and the Worlds of Valiant sourcebook.

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Doing the best imitation of myself
I'm surprised. And I'm thinking that a three book game for a universe most people haven't even heard of might not be the best idea. I went to college with the guy who wrote the characters for the DC books, and I know he read Valliant titles, so I'd expect the writeups to be very solid if they bring him back in.

I wonder if this will be a stealth 4th edition for the system.


Outside a few N64 games: Turok 1-3 and Shadow Man. They don't own Turok, anymore. Dynamite has him, now.
There's also that Vin DIssel BLOODSHOT Movie that came out a few years ago.

As a fan of the original launch in the late 80's and the 2012 relaunch I'd love to have the stats for these characters in M&M. The original guys that were behind the relaunch were bought out and then forced out by people who tanked the comics line but the first 2-4 years of that relaunch were REALLY good comics.


As someone who only peripherally follows the comics industry, I feel like Valiant was on the cusp of breaking out around circa 2015-16, but in the last few years has lost nearly all its momentum it had at that time. Not exactly sure why or what happened, but its definitely not to the level it was.

I wonder if this will be a stealth 4th edition for the system.
They've said that it'll be entirely based on the existing 3rd ed system. Hopefully they'll tidy up some sore points, like the overpricedness of Shrinking, the messiness of Affliction, and the lack of anything resembling 2e's Independent modifier, which sorely limits the flexibility of the point-buy power building system. But i wouldn't bet on it. It sounded like they were just going to do a straight system lift and drop.

I was surprised, and to be honest, a bit disappointed to hear about this, to be honest. I don't know much about Valiant, but I have no interest in the sort of grimmer-and-gritter supers type genre that was being talked up by GR in the various announcements, and it does seem very niche and lacking in broader appeal beyond a few hardcore comic fans. I mean, I love M&M and I'll buy almost anything that comes out for the system, but there's nothing for me here. I wonder if GR made any sort of attempt to get the Marvel licence at all? It would seem to make sense, given their experience with licenced properties and M&Ms status as one of the big superhero games, but Marvel went with something completely brand new from Matt Forbeck instead (maybe they wanted to do it all in-house rather than licence out?) Or maybe GRs history with making a DC game counted against them there?

But honestly, I've been a little concerned about how M&M in particular and GR in general are going for a long time. There's been quite the revolving door of people running the line, there's been very few new products in recent years, the third-party publisher scene for the system is pretty much dead except for one mob pushing out pdfs containing statblocks for Marvel expys, the patreon is just access to periodical dev chats etc now rather than any game material, and GR had to run a kickstarter a little while back in order to afford to be able to reprint the core rulebook, which only achieved limited success. And a lot of their business model seems to be heavily based around licenced games that have a very limited shelf life once the property they're based on takes a back seat in people's minds. Game of Thrones, the Expanse, Fifth Season, Dragon Age etc etc have taken up a lot of their attention.

Still, they're still in business after 20 years, so they're obviously doing something right. They're nothing like the industry presence they were in the d20 era though, they're distinctly minor players now.

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