Verys Arkon's Character Booklet (v2) New 1 page version beta.

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How about a version that's fillable, but does NOT auto-fill?

Indeed. On a Mac I find many auto-fils just don't deliver. And with new publications coming out it's a pain to keep up. I don't mind my trusty pencil, but a fillable one might just get me on board.

I used this version this weekend and it's great. I too still use my cards, but I'm finding myself use the booklet for the powers more often. The later page order is still bugging me a bit but I really don't think there is a win win situation (ie. & imho p6 on p3? and p8 seems "dry").

Quite honestly all my players and my other group have switched over from Shado's and find it the most functional.

Verys Arkon

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I've add form-fill to the character booklet now (consider it beta 1).

Edit: See the OP for updated versions

I'll be releasing a basic autocalculating sheet soon. It won't have drop-down menus for powers or such, but it will crunch the basic math.
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I'm with Fin Fang Foom! Yippee! Our group went through the trouble of making up power cards for two different games recently. They are beautiful. But I found the hassle of finding room for my cards, plus my two page character sheet, plus my book, to be a little bit much. Throw in a battle mat and minis and space is limited. Thanks for this nice little space saver!

Verys Arkon

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I am a huge fan of the layout choices you make with this sheet. When can we see a form-fillable version? I'd be all over this if I could plug in the numbers in the workspace area and have it calculate.

An autocalculating version is ready now. If you find any errors, please let me know so I can make revisions.

Glad you like it.

EDIT: See the OP for updated version.
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Booklet's nice, man. Couple of my players may love it. We are running with three players right now and two of them are playing two characters apiece, smaller sheets have a big appeal.

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