D&D 5E Vs Vecna battle simulations.


I'm thinking Malek will slip behind one of the other party members and use svirfneblin camouflage to look like part of the wall, and then stealth (with advantage) along the wall to the right. If that works, and it seems like he hasn't noticed me, I'll shoot him with my shortbow with sneak attack (unless anyone has a better idea).

Note: Malek gave a rousing pep-talk before we came in here, and everyone has 23 temporary hit points.

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Malek Succeeded with a 36 on Stealth, Moved along the right wall Firing his shortbow around the middle of his move so the pillar would not be in the way. Hitting for 43 Damage. He took 9 Damage from Fell Rebuke in return and Vecna teleported behind the bottom left pillar breaking line of sight with everyone. Thought they can all see the shimmering barrier of his Globe. Vecna also got a 13 a natural 1 on his Concentration Save, and is forced to use one of his LRs to keep the Globe up.

Hjalman's turn. (Reminder anyone who wants to can decide what Hjalman does)
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You're right. What was I thinking? How about I just watch this unfold.
Sure. I mean, presumably we will whack him pretty hard at 20th level, seeing as he's a better fit for 4x level 16s, IIRC. But I believe that the plan is to do it at four different levels, to see how it goes. What are your reservations?

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