VT(virtual table) alternative to D&D Insider

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Amazon's EC2 is probably your best bet from a support standpoint, although technically ANY hosting service that allows you to load custom software would work. EC2 prices based on how much storage space and bandwidth you use, while most other hosts are going to be a flat fee.

All that being said, are you sure it's a bandwidth constraint? I mean, I've played in games hosted on US army internet connections at 1.5mb out of Baghdad with latencies my stateside clients wouldn't tolerate on their web server, and it was functional if a little slow. It might be a router configuration error or an ISP restriction (some ISPs filter incoming connections on home accounts).


So that would allow me to run maptools on amazon's servers instead of my own computer? Since I'm unable to host at all(just using maptools without anything customly done, no one can access it to my IP).

Did you forward ports through your router/firewall to your PC?


I'm a huge proponent of MapTool. If you can find a way to make the hosting work, I think you'll enjoy it.

That said, the first virtual tabletop program I tried was OpenRPG. I moved from there to Gametable and then MapTool, but I did go back to OpenRPG for one session when I was in a hotel and therefore unable to forward ports to my computer.

OpenRPG is a pain in the butt compared to MapTool, but this is in large part because you have to set up all of your images on a server before you can use them. Of course, this means that everyone then just connects to that server, which should address your problem.

It's worth a shot if you can't get MapTool to work.


You might want to take a look at Fabletop, which is in open beta right now. It's all web-based so you don't need to deal with any technical stuff.


Right now, it's mostly suited to rules-lite roleplaying, but it was designed to be really easy to just pick up and play.

(Disclaimer: I'm the developer of Fabletop)


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I've been running on OpenRPG for years. The latest version out is Traipse and if you google Traipse the current stable edition is Ornery Orc (just google Traipse).

I keep monster nodes for almost all the basic creatures and have them online for download (for 3.5 anyway). each node has a creature miniature you can use and there are several good sources for images online if you need them. I also have a nice miniature library of tokens to represent monsters and other trhings that works nicely.

I have had nothing but good experiences with openRPG in the last 10-12 years or so.

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