W2: The Search For Tomas Quinn (Rae Judging)


ROUND TWO (Cont'd)

Aiken (still away, I suppose) is able to use the goblin flanked by Cepheus to his advantage. he Adeptly uses his blade, although the goblin is small enough and quick enough to dodge the blow.

Auric moves towards the leader, provoking attacks from both the goblins he has to fight his way through. However, neither goblin seems ready for Auric's sudden move, and they snarl as he rushes by.

When he gets close enough, he brings his sword down in a Violent Arc that doesn't connect. The leader snarls at Auric, baring sharpened canine teeth. "Fool!" he hisses in broken common. "You have challenged Aurikai to a duel! You will feed my knives tonight! The goblin adopts a battle stance, both blades catching the scant light in the alleyway.

Cepheus makes his assault on the goblin attacking him, but finds his attack expertly parried. This goblin grins savagely, and fetid breath asasults the gnome's nose.

Pendrake gets close to the flanked goblin, still dodging Aiken's rapier attacks, and brings his blade down upon the creature, cutting into the shoulder blade. The goblin lets out a hissing scream and drops his blade. He takes a few steps away from Pendrake, the whole time staring at the blood geysering out of his shoulder, before he slumps against a wall and falls down.

Solange moves against the leader, who is surprised to see her approach. He grins at Auric. "You send a woman to do dirty work, worm? Good... I kill her first" He grunts in surprise when he's rapped over the head by Solange's staff (NICE SHOT!), and his eyes cloud up for a second as he takes a step backwards. Blood starts pouring from one of his ears, and his eyes seem to have difficulty focusing, but he's holding his position.

In fact, he is able to recover and makes a flying leap at Solange, cursing in wordless goblin. He flourishes both blades as he leaps, and manages to nick Solange with the smaller of the two blades. Her forearm has a long gash running down it (5 HP damage). The goblin smiles, and wheezes "Good. You will bleed tonight, woman."



The remaining Goblin stands between Cepheus and the leader. He takes a step to his left, and grunts in goblin "No one fights Aurikai, GNOME." before stabbing with his blade. Again, Cepheus is able to Dodge the blade.

Everyone's Positions:

L = Goblin Leader
G = Goblin
= =5 feet of wall
- =Five feet (open terrain)^
[sblock=Note to players]
Remember to add Solange's Bless bonus to your attack rolls![/sblock]


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Aiken sees an opportunity and Tumbels past the goblin to end up flanking him again with Cepheus. Unfortunately there is a muddy patch and he staggers a bit losing his concentration and thus his protection against a counter attack.

When he reaches his destination he tries to Improoved Trip the Goblin. (OOC: I think he succeeds) As the Goblin goes down Aiken tries to skewer him on the ground but the Goblin manages to squirm out of the way of the blade.


Solange steps a bit deeper into the ally as she takes a swing at the leader again. "The Shepherd'll take good care of ya," she says to the leader.

OOC: Hopefully, either Auric or Solange will get a flank if we both step up. Round 3 attacks (1d20+2=13, 1d6+1=6), not likely to hit, but you never know.
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"Hey, you! Runt! Whatever happened to your duel? Oh, yeah. Ya wimped out! Die!"
Auric moves into flanking position with Solange.
He takes a mighty crossing slash (1d20+6=22) and the goblin rests in pieces as the blade, glowing silver, cleaves him in twain (4d6+4=23)

[SBLOCK=DM]Used psionic weapon. I assume between Solange's critical and Auric's Psionic Weaponed greatsword the leader is quite throughly dead[/SBLOCK]


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Aiken is able to move into position, but not before feeling the burning sting of the goblin's blade as he stumbles by. He takes four points of damage, but is still able to get into position. He is able to trip the goblin with amazing skill, but cannot pierce the goblin, who is able to very quickly roll out of the way.

Auric's attack against the goblin leader is very well-made, although it is not enough to "Cut him in twain". In fact, the goblin is able to parry the blow at the last minute, causing Auric's psychic sword to ride up the goblin's scimitar before going straight into the goblin's face. He drops both weapons and falls to the ground, still squirting out blood. As soon as he hits the ground, he goes into a seizure, his body flailing about wildly.

Cepheus' attack is ineffective, but his attempt at intimidation may have taken effect. Too bad he only gets one standard action per round. ;) In any case, the goblin does seem a bit shaken, and ready to bolt. He does, after all, realize he's surrounded, and lying prone.

Pendrake's attack proves fruitless. The goblin is just too quick, rolling out of the way of every swing.

Solange finds herself with no opponent to face, although I imagine she'd swing at the downed goblin. The attack, in any case, doesn't hit.



The goblin on the ground raises his arms up. "Don't swing!" he hisses in goblin. "I'll be good! Slave-mercy, I beg you!"

He then cringes in a ball, waiting for inevitable death.

Goblins (18)
Aiken (17)
Derris (16)
Auric (16)
Cepeheus (14)
Pendrake (10)
Solange (4)
Goblin Leader (3)


Solange says a quick prayer for the departed here, checking that they are dead, and stabilizing them if they are not.

"Does anaone speak goblin?" she asks.

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"Nein, nict spechen, says Pendrake...not even reealizing he still speaks his home language still here."Das steel ech ist only language that zey ooderstnat as var as I coon tell"


hp 6/10

"Yes I do" Pants Aiken as he catches his breath.

"You stay there on the ground and throw away your weapons" he snarls in the goblin tongue.


Solange HP: 4/9

Solange checks for injuries on her comrads once she has confirmed the status of the dead and saved who she could.

OOC: Aiken and I took a hit, anyone else? I can do 1 cure light, and 3 cure minors.

OOC2: Wik, depending on when you give XP, I'm very sure I just leveled, how does that work as far as doing it durring the adventure, healing, and spells?


ooc: :( oops, wasn't sure what type of action intimidate is.

Cepheus will begin searching the goblins for any hidden items and to remove all potentially dangerous items.

ooc2: if search check needed =6


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The goblin stares at Aiken nervously, and throws it's curved blade away. It's eyes never leave Aiken, as the creature huddles up into a ball.

When Aiken tries to bind the goblin, it starts to hiss. "If you're going to kill me, KILL ME! None of this 'justice' garbage that you paleskins go crazy about!"

Searching the bodies doesn't entirely turn up much of worth - the goblin leader has a small-sized scimitar that seems very well-made (masterwork!), if one could only scrub out the smell of goblin. As well, the blade is very well-wrought, and rather intimidating in appearance - curved, like the sort of blade one would use to slaughter animals.

In addition, the goblins carry small amounts of coinage - about 30 GP in all, although it's found in numerous denominations, primarily silver.

Finally, a quick search reveals that every goblin is carrying an abundance of strange objects - children's toys, coloured pieces of glass, marbles, cheap gemstones (the type that may fetch 1 GP on the market, if you could find a buyer), bright string, and the likes. One of the goblins carries a pouch filled entirely with metal nails.

Meanwhile, Derris the rogue (very much dead) isn't really carrying anything of worth, except for a gray silk scarf that has black lilies embroidered in a pattern throughout. He also carries a very well-made silver dagger (masterwork) that has a lily engraved at the base of the hilt. Finally, in a pouch at his waist, he carries almost one hundred silver coins.

SOlange is able to bind the wounds of the goblin leader, who begins to breathe raggedly. While it remains to be seen whether or not he will survive the night, he is currently clinging to life.

Curiously, the scarf-seller is nowhere to be seen.


Aiken looks at the goblin and answers "First you're going to talk then.... Well we'll see what happens after our talk." :]
Turning to the rest "I suggest we move to a less.. conspicuous place for further interrogations"


Hm. Any ideas on where you wanna do this interrogation?

The goblin stares at Aiken and grunts. "Talk? Fine, pinkskin. What do you want to know?"


OOC: That's fine, figured I'd ask though :)

"The scarf seller's gone. The 'lilies know we've been 'ere," Solange says. "Might be good ta find out why they're workin' with 'em"

Scott DeWar

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I c:

Pendrake takes a position at the entrance to the ally way, sheathing his weapon after cleaning the blood off on any cloth of the dead persons/goblins. When the question of where to interrogate the goblin he calls back that he knows not of anywhere to go.


Not knowing any other place to do this Aiken hopes for the best. "Ok... drag the bodies back here into the ally so they won't be noticed from the street."
Turning back to the Goblin "Well talk little maggot, what are you doing here? what was you'r arengement with Derris?"

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