Wanted: Dangerous Criminal


First Post
A man wearing a black hurridley attaches a scrap of paper to the board.

It has come to my attention that there is a warrant out for the arrest of one Xerber Wandro. I myself am offering a substantia bounty for his capture. Below is the attached warrant. If interested in either justice or coin, leave a message here, and an associate of mine will contact you.

-Lord Ottromous

The man then pins a warrant underneath and races off.

High court of the Navy Arnul
To any peace officer of the realm: Complaint upon oath having been brought before me that a very serious crime has been committed, the utter destruction of our city of Arnul, and accusing Xerber Wandro of the same, you are hereby commanded forthwith to arrest and bring that person before me. Signed, Weatherby Terral, high judge.

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Kind sir I do hate to be the bearer of bad news but your laws hold no weight here and if you want the gentleman arrested I suggest that you speak to the constable of the realm.

Protector Corwin Sha'kar
Captain of the Bladesingers Guild of the Free World


First Post
A message is posted underneath.

To Protector Corwin Sha'kar,

You do not seem to understand the concept of a bounty. If you'd ike to discuss the laws of the area, then I suggest you speak with the constable of the realm, but if you'd like to aid in the protection of this area, then I can send an associate of mine to you about it.

Kind Sir

I do understand the concept of a bounty and I know that the laws of my land be it that it is Oerth do not convey me having authority say in the realm of Krynn. I can merely ask a constable of Krynn to post a bounty but I cannot enforce my laws there.

Protector Corwin Sha'kar

Kind sir

Your mind still fails to grasp what I am saying. Your bounty is worthless here unless you have it approved byt the local Constabulary.

Corwin Sha'Kar


First Post
It does not matter wether or not the local government has chosen to sanction this bounty. All that matters is that the bounty exists. And I am afriad that the two of us cannot discuss this further in the local tavern, as I do not go there. And I only send my associates out on business.

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