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D&D 5E Warduke, Kelek, Strongheart Miniatures!

The official miniatures sets from WizKids for The Wild Beyond the Witchlight include 'The League of Malevolence' set and the 'Valor's Call' set, and contain a whole bunch of characters from the 1980s D&D action toys set and the cartoon.

The League of Malevolence set includes Warduke (the evil fighter) and Kelek (the evil wizard), as well as Skylla (Ringlerun's former apprentice), Zarak (the half orc assassin), and Zargash (the evil cleric).

The Valor's Call set includes Strongheart (the paladin). Ringlerun (the wizard, who was on the cover on 1983's AD&D Player's Handbook!), Molliver (the good thief), Elkhorn (dwarf fighter), and Mercion (the cleric).



And here's Ringlerun, painted by Jeff Easley for the AD&D Player's Handbook back in 1983!

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 11.38.53 AM.png

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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And you got me again, Wizards. Instant buys!

I watched the D&D Live sessions that used elements of Witchlight’s Feywild content and found that - in spite of the heavy-handed table LARPing and comedic stylings of the players - there was, indeed, a lot of colorful, engaging material. Cartoonish, but in a really good way - a setting where these comic book-like characters would fit in perfectly.


Why are they called "Starter Sets?"
Is this going to be starting a new minis line? Is the adventure considered a starter adventure?
It's nothing as well thought-out as that. They are just product designed for us to sell to people who want to "start" collecting miniatures. (In reality that rarely happens that way - most people start with a single or a random box). I think it's grandfathered over from when those packs would come with the miniature skirmish game rules. Long time ago now.

Dire Bare

So, WizKids . . .

When are we getting:
  • Deeth (good fighter)
  • Bowmarc (good crusader)
  • Drex (evil warrior)
  • Grimsword (evil knight)
  • Hawkler (good ranger)
  • Mandoom (good warrior)
  • Mettaflame (evil fire giant)
  • Melf, also known as Peralay (good fighter-mage elf)
  • Northlord (great barbarian)
  • Zorgar (evil barbarian)
  • Valkeer (good viking)
  • Pulvereye (evil cyclopes)
And of course . . . VENGER (evil sorcerer)!!!

Dire Bare

For those interested . . . if you go over to dndmini.com (a WizKids site), you can preorder these two sets, plus a bunch of other Witchlight products. Shipping is free for orders over $50, and if you pre-order any Witchlight product, you get a bonus pack of three harengon brigands (bunny-people bandits).

I don't think the harengon brigands box will be available elsewhere, I think the set (and the included minis) are exclusive to pre-order through WizKids. There is a different haregon brigand sculpt showcased on the Beadle & Grimm's website as a part of their Platinum Edition of Witchlight, which should also be a part of the normal set available in the blind-boxes sold in stores.

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